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Armenia 27-04-2016

In Nagorno-Karabakh, politicking ramps up as fighting draws down

In the coming weeks, the level of diplomatic activity on the Nagorno-Karabakh issue will continue to be higher than usual, writes Stratfor.
Development Policy 23-11-2015

How NGOs cooperate with local organisations on the ground in Syria

What are the best and most effective ways for international NGOs (non-government organisations) to partner with local organisations in conflict zones? Ensuring trust, writes Kimberly Howe.
Global Europe 09-05-2013

EU needs to rethink its policy in Western Sahara

Europe and the United States should worry that the conflict in the Western Sahara is souring relations between Morocco and Algeria, preventing them from working against Islamist violence and extremism, write Dustin Dehez, Alex MacKenzie and Daniel Novotny.
Global Europe 27-08-2008

Can the EU win the peace in Georgia?

The conflict between Georgia and Russia has seen the EU become the main diplomatic mediator between the two and it should use this status to develop peaceful relations in the region, argue Nicu Popescu et al. in an August 2008 commentary for the European Council on Foreign Relations.
Security 19-06-2006

Analysis: European diplomacy and the conflict over Iran’s nuclear program

In this dossier, published by Deutsche-Aussenpolitik.DeMarco Overhaus analyses the European contribution to the negotiations over Iran’s nuclear program, focusing on the consequences for the EU’s international role.

EU Crisis Response Capability: Institutions and Processes for Conflict Prevention and Management

Executive Summary and Recommendations It is less than a decade since the European Union (EU) was formally established and set itself the ambitious project of developing a common foreign and security policy. Less than four years have passed since the...