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  • Extraordinary EU summit may be convened over Georgia

    Global Europe 18-08-2008

    French President and EU presidency holder Nicolas Sarkozy has said he is prepared to call an extraordinary EU Council meeting if Russia does not pull out its troops from Georgia "without delay". The retreat is scheduled to begin today (18 August).

  • Interview: There is collective remorse in Ireland

    Public Affairs 09-07-2008

    The sense of collective remorse in Ireland following the negative referendum on the EU's Lisbon Treaty is "palpable", Quintin Oliver, a specialist in referenda, told EURACTIV in an interview in which he warned against pressuring the Irish on voting again.

  • Georgia considering tougher stance on Abkhazia

    Global Europe 09-06-2008

    Powerful advisers around President Mikheil Saakashvili appear increasingly convinced that a military operation in Abkhazia is "feasible and necessary", according to a fresh report from the International Crisis Group (ICG).

  • EU peacekeeping mission to Chad postponed

    Global Europe 04-02-2008

    Plans to send several thousand troops from fourteen EU countries to Chad as part of an EU peacekeeping mission were postponed over the weekend as fierce fighting rages in the capital N'Djamena and across the country.