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Development Policy 19-02-2018

Radio and theatre help bring peace in South Sudan

Radio programmes and participatory theatre are playing a strong role in reducing rumours and inflammatory speech that divide communities in South Sudan. EURACTIV spoke to a person instrumental in the project, who received a prestigious award last week.
Development Policy 01-09-2014

EU must develop ‘best supporting actor’ role in war zones

SPECIAL REPORT: The new European Commission needs to shift its focus from humanitarian aid in conflict zones to conflict prevention and intervene more as a ‘best supporting actor to the UN’, says a paper by the European Think Tanks Group published today (1 September).
Global Europe 16-07-2010

Merkel: EU should talk to Russia on security

German Chancellor Angela Merkel said yesterday (15 July) that the European Union as well as the NATO military alliance should discuss security issues with Russia, in order to prevent conflicts arising.
Global Europe 27-08-2008

Can the EU win the peace in Georgia?

The conflict between Georgia and Russia has seen the EU become the main diplomatic mediator between the two and it should use this status to develop peaceful relations in the region, argue Nicu Popescu et al. in an August 2008 commentary for the European Council on Foreign Relations.
Global Europe 14-07-2008

Resolving the Georgia-Abkhazia conflict: Why a greater EU role is needed

The Abkhazian conflict has deteriorated to such an extent that there is a danger of renewed clashes in the region. Moreover, this will continue unless a credible international negotiating format is put in place, argue Ron Asmus of the German Marshall Fund of the United States and others in a June 2008 commentary.
Public Affairs 09-07-2008

Interview: There is collective remorse in Ireland

The sense of collective remorse in Ireland following the negative referendum on the EU's Lisbon Treaty is "palpable", Quintin Oliver, a specialist in referenda, told EURACTIV in an interview in which he warned against pressuring the Irish on voting again.
Global Europe 09-06-2008

Georgia considering tougher stance on Abkhazia

Powerful advisers around President Mikheil Saakashvili appear increasingly convinced that a military operation in Abkhazia is "feasible and necessary", according to a fresh report from the International Crisis Group (ICG).
Global Europe 28-05-2008

EU must foster Black Sea cooperation, say ministers

The EU needs to "make sense" of the multitude of existing initiatives covering the Black Sea region in order to guarantee peace and energy security, said participants attending the 'Fostering democracy and development in the Black sea region' conference in Brussels on May 26.

EU Crisis Response Capability: Institutions and Processes for Conflict Prevention and Management

Executive Summary and Recommendations It is less than a decade since the European Union (EU) was formally established and set itself the ambitious project of developing a common foreign and security policy. Less than four years have passed since the...