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  • Merkel: EU should talk to Russia on security

    News | Global Europe 16-07-2010

    German Chancellor Angela Merkel said yesterday (15 July) that the European Union as well as the NATO military alliance should discuss security issues with Russia, in order to prevent conflicts arising.

  • Hungary accused of meddling in Slovak poll

    News | Languages & Culture 11-06-2010

    Hungary's ruling centre-right Fidesz party stands accused of "rocking the boat" ahead of Slovakia's election tomorrow (12 June), with Bratislava denouncing a law that makes it easier for ethnic Magyars living abroad to obtain Hungarian citizenship. EURACTIV Slovakia contributed to this report from Bratislava.

  • EU says situation in Georgia remains dangerous

    News | Med & South 09-06-2010

    Russia and Georgia held tense talks with EU mediation yesterday (8 June) on security and humanitarian issues unresolved since their 2008 war. The two sides differed over whether a new agreement is needed on the non-use of force.

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