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Future of mobility 08-05-2020

Bikes starting to push cars out of cities thanks to COVID-19

Curfews have paralysed traffic as the COVID-19 pandemic hit many cities, which have started to use this opportunity to promote the bicycle revolution and ban cars from their inner cities. EURACTIV Germany takes a look at Paris, Brussels and Berlin.
Future of mobility 25-06-2018

Europe’s cities need to start delivering smart mobility

European cities are currently toying with various types of urban vehicle access restrictions. Though these cities mean well, such restrictions are burdensome and come at a cost for motorists, so smart mobility measures need to be proposed instead, writes Laurianna Krid.
Future of mobility 29-06-2017

Does car sharing really reduce car use?

Concerns that sharing schemes do not deliver a net reduction in car use are not supported by evidence, writes Greg Archer. Now, digitisation and the sharing economy provide an opportunity to reduce the number of vehicles in our cities even further, he contends.
Transport 24-01-2017

Paris rolls out driverless bus service to fight pollution and congestion

Paris yesterday (23 January) launched its first driverless electric shuttle bus service, aiming to curb congestion and pollution that many Parisians blame for a whole raft of health complaints.
Digital & Media 13-10-2009

Cities turn to high-tech for curbing traffic, crime

Stockholm, New York and other cities across the globe are increasingly relying on information and communication technologies (ICT) to manage low-emissions traffic zones or improve their ability to fight crime. But privacy issues are never far away and will require political decisions, warns John Post, chief technology officer at IBM Benelux.
Transport 12-10-2007

MEPs demand ‘master plan’ for raising airport capacity

The European Parliament has warned the Commission that Europe could be short of 3.7 million flights each year by 2025 if it fails to dramatically increase the capacity of its airports in the face of growing demand for air travel.
Transport 17-09-2007

Severing car dependency in EU cities ‘very realistic’

Klaus Bondam, chairman of EuroCities' Mobility Forum, a major partner of the annual European Mobility Week and Car Free day, and vice-mayor of one of Europe's best performing cities in terms of sustainable mobility, shares his beliefs with EURACTIV on how to deal with growing congestion and pollution in Europe's urban areas. To read a shortened version of this interview, please click here.
Transport 17-09-2007

Interview: ‘EU must give cities strong tools for sustainable mobility’

As the Commission prepares to present proposals for a European strategy on urban transport, Klaus Bondam, chairman of Eurocities' Mobility Forum and vice-mayor of Copenhagen, stresses the need for a "push from above" that would allow EU cities to finance more sustainable transport infrastructure and implement greener urban policies such as congestion charges.
Transport 23-07-2007

‘Monster trucks’ spark controversy

'Modular trucks', 25-metre long, 60 tonne vehicles, being tested across the EU for their capacity to carry larger volumes in fewer trips, have come in for sharp criticism from the rail industry, which accuses their manufacturers of pushing up road-transport demand unsustainably.

MEP Gyula Hegyi: ‘Making EU cities sustainable’

The congestion and pollution problems facing Europe's cities are worsening. MEP Gyula Hegyi, who wrote Parliament's report on the EU urban-environment strategy, tells EURACTIV what he believes that Europe should do to improve the situation.
Transport 23-04-2007

Barrot eyes congestion-charging as urban-mobility solution

The transport commissioner may propose a European legal framework that would give cities the possibility of introducing congestion charging schemes similar to London's – a move previously forbidden in some member states.
Transport 19-09-2006

Stockholm says yes to congestion taxes

After Rome, London, Edinburgh and Oslo, Stockholm could be the latest city to introduce road tolls around the city centre in view of limiting traffic. 
Transport 15-09-2006

Congestion charges – the road to sustainable mobility in the EU?

As 771 European cities prepare to launch the 2006 European Mobility week, Stockholm’s inhabitants must vote on a system of road tolls aimed at reducing traffic in the city centre.
Transport 27-02-2003

Road Travel Demand: Meeting the Challenge

Road Travel Demand: Meeting the Challenge While man conquered outer space in the 20th century, surface transportation congestion remains a vexing challenge for OECD metropolitan cities in the new Millennium. What strategies, programmes and services have recently been implemented to...

‘Sustainable mobility’ – a new concept or an empty phrase?

On 17 February 2003, high level representatives of the rail, automotive and aviation sectors as well as the Commission discussed the concept of "sustainable mobility" with regard to current trends in EU transport policy.