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Global Europe 01-04-2016

EU countries must not weaken plan to stop conflict minerals trade

It is a sobering fact that your smart phone might contain conflict minerals. Even more so that EU member states are in the process of scaling back proposals that can help stop this, writes Léonard Santedi.
Trade & Society 12-06-2013

Addressing human rights abuses from gold mining without stigmatisation

Much attention has been paid over recent months to ways of cutting links between natural resources and the fuelling of unlawful armed conflict, particularly in the Democratic Republic of Congo, writes Terry Heymann. But policies to address the issue might also have unintended consequences, he warns.
Security 02-09-2003

The way forward for European defence

Since the EU is likely to manage more military missions in the future, the European countries should pool their strengths rather than attempt to 'shock and awe' their opponents.