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Connie Hedegaard, pictured in October 2013

Hedegaard: ‘We have to be careful about what we label as red tape’

The European Commission's drive to cut down EU legislation may sound like a good idea. But it can also do more harm than good, by reinstating borders in the single market, warns Connie Hedegaard.
Climate change 02-02-2012

Hedegaard: ‘Rethinking our growth model’

EU Climate Commissioner Connie Hedegaard says global development challenges cannot be met if the world's economic powers do not rethink their growth model. In an exclusive interview with EURACTIV, she also addresses controversial policies on emission charges for airlines and rejects calls for a price floor to sustain Europe's depressed carbon market.
Trade & Society 28-06-2010

Hedegaard: ‘Tax what you burn, not what you earn’

'Don't tax what you earn, tax what you burn' should be the EU's response to safeguarding our welfare societies, EU Climate Action Commissioner Connie Hedegaard told EURACTIV in an interview, expressing support for an EU carbon tax. She spoke about progress in international climate negotiations and the EU's efforts to stay ahead of the game.
Development Policy 06-10-2009

Danish minister: No more time to delay climate choices

With only 70-or so days to go before leaders meet to agree on a post-Kyoto climate deal in Copenhagen, there is a need to speed up negotiations and "make political choices,"  Danish Climate Change and Energy Minister Connie Hedegaard told EURACTIV in an interview.