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Climate change 20-06-2018

‘Natural solutions’ in focus as EU hosts climate summit with China, Canada

The Nature4Climate Initiative is officially being launched in Brussels on Wednesday (20 June) by a coalition of conservation organisations, business groups, the UNDP and other major environmental NGOs.
Agrifood 08-12-2017

Are we crying wolf? A European tale of farmers vs. nature

Wolves have made a comeback in Europe, and politicians struggle to find the balance between nature and farmers. But some cry wolf.
Climate change 21-11-2016

France plans out its future relationship with the wolf

More than 100 wolves have been shot since the apex predator returned to France and the state is now looking to plan out the future of the beast and its relationship with man. EURACTIV’s partner Journal de l’Environnement reports.
Climate change 28-10-2016

Deal struck for world’s biggest marine reserve in Antarctica

The world's largest marine reserve aimed at protecting the pristine wilderness of Antarctica will be created after a "momentous" agreement was finally reached Friday, with Russia dropping its long-held opposition.
Brexit 12-10-2015

Climate cash for regions makes case for UK in Europe

European Union money being invested in British regions to fight climate change makes the case for the UK to vote to stay in the bloc in its planned referendum on EU membership, politicians have said.
Climate change 26-03-2015

Commission hopes to sue Germany over weak conservation efforts

Germany is is not fulfilling its responsibility to preserve biodiversity and maintain protected wildlife sites, causing Brussels to initiate infringement proceedings against Berlin. EURACTIV Germany reports.
Map showing Natura 2000 protected sites. [European Commission/EEA].

EU celebrates biodiversity day, sort of

The European Commission has announced an initiative aimed at halting the decline of biodiversity in developing countries, but conservationists say that the EU is failing to protect its most species-rich regions.
Agrifood 20-12-2013

EU fish quotas rise in line with sustainable reforms

The amount of fish that can be caught in Europe within scientifically recommended levels inched upwards under a deal made in Brussels on Wednesday, but campaigners said the agreement still marked only "tepid" progress towards sustainable fishing.

Leaked memo threatens ‘end of European conservation as we know it’

EXCLUSIVE / A non-descript memo to the EU’s climate commissioner from her director-general could spell the end of attempts to conserve natural habitats through hundreds of small-scale projects across Europe, campaigners say.

EU report: ‘Dramatic’ butterfly decline impacts on other species

Europe’s grassland butterfly population has dropped “dramatically” over the past 20 years, a stark warning that many of Europe’s species may be heading for extinction, says a new report by the European Environment Agency.

Water blueprint to focus on enforcement, not new laws

The European Union's water blueprint, due by the end of the year, will focus on enforcement and implementation of laws already on the books rather than new legislation, says a Cypriot official whose government will host talks later in the year on the evolving water roadmap.
Energy 18-05-2012

Amsterdam offers a haven for low-energy future

In an old harbour crowded with houseboats, Amsterdam is looking to the future with plans to construct low-energy homes in a climate-neutral neighbourhood.

MEPs press Commission on 2020 green master plan

With 60 days left before the Rio sustainable development conference, MEPs have sent a message to the European Commission to produce “without delay” an ambitious environmental agenda for the decade ahead that avoids past failures.

Water savings often hampered at national level

Efforts to improve water efficiency and avert scarcity are hampered by illegal wells, lack of metering, and in some cases national opposition to tougher European Union standards, analyses of water allocation in agriculture show.

EU strategy seeks brisk development of bio-economy

With warnings that Europe is “too slow and too piecemeal” in developing a sustainable economy, the EU executive has unveiled plans to encourage development of the ‘bio-economy’ through investment and innovation.

Commission gives new ‘LIFE’ to environment financing

The European Commission yesterday (12 December) called for a 52% increase in funding for the Financial Instrument for the Environment and an expansion of the programme to combat climate change.

Group launches effort to improve water stewardship

As the European Commission prepares to review its freshwater policies, an organisation working with industry and farm groups launched a water stewardship programme yesterday (24 November) aimed at boosting efficiency and protecting Europe’s river basins.

Ecology group urges water monitoring on EU imports

Europe’s demand for energy, fuels and food are placing a global strain on water and other natural resources that could have particularly devastating consequences for developing nations, warns a report published today (3 November) by a conservation organisation.

Business alliance urges companies to adjust to ecosystems

Report warns that business models need to be transformed to avoid significant future losses incurred by environmental degradation.
Climate change 26-05-2006

UK report: European plants and animals threatened by climate change

Prior to the start of the EU's Green Week on Biodiversity, the UK's Department for the Environment has published a critical report demonstrating that Europe needs a more integrated approach to conservation.
Climate change 02-09-2005

Nature project educates European citizens

The WWF has teamed up with the European Commission to launch 'Flying over Natura 2000', an initiative designed to teach Europeans more about the network of protected areas commissioned by the EU.
Climate change 29-06-2001

Member States fail to implement Habitats Directive

WWF publishes unique snapshot on state of implementation of EU's nature conservation law