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Future EU 10-03-2011

Fidesz MEP: Hungary will have new constitution before Easter

The new Hungarian constitution will be adopted by mid-April, the week before Easter, Fidesz MEP József Szájer, vice-chair of the European People's Party and chairman of a group of three parliamentarians who are drafting the New Hungarian Constitution, told EURACTIV in an exclusive interview.
Future EU 07-02-2006

Interview with Pat Cox on EU communication and the future of the EU

In this interview with EURACTIV, Pat Cox, the new President of the European Movement International and former EP President, talks about his "appetite for campaigning", the Irish experience with referendums and the EU's biggest current challenges.  
Future EU 13-01-2006

Interview with MEP Voggenhuber on the Austrian Presidency and the EU Constitution

The Austrian Green MEP Johannes Voggenhuber was, together with British Liberal Andrew Duff, the Parliament's rapporteur on the EU Constitution. Both MEPs are also rapporteurs for the report on the period of reflection, to be voted in plenary in the January 16 -19 session. In an exclusive interview with EURACTIV, he commented on how likely the Austrian Presidency were to relaunch the stalled constitutional process.
Future EU 23-09-2005

MEP Duff in uphill battle to save Constitution

Interview: To win new referenda on a modified Constitution the EU needs to engage national parties and the wider public much more, explains Liberal MEP Andrew Duff to EURACTIV. 
Sports 25-03-2005

Clash between socio-cultural and single market coalitions “currently a draw”

If approved, the Constitution will be the first time an EU treaty has included an explicit reference to sport. A Danish sports lawyer talks EURACTIV through the legal implications for the embryonic European Sports Policy.
french language 01-12-2004

Pervenche Berès: “Who’s talking about going back to Nice?”

In an interview with EURACTIV, socialist MEP Pervenche Berès says a French 'no' vote on the EU constitution would not call into question the years of hard work spent reaching a consensus.