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Azerbaijan 26-09-2016

Azerbaijan referendum to give more powers to Aliyev

Azerbaijanis went to the polls today (26 September) in a controversial referendum on handing extra powers to long-serving President Ilham Aliyev, with opposition and human rights groups criticising the proposed constitutional changes as undemocratic.
Global Europe 15-04-2016

EU ambassadors confront Thai junta over referendum fears

Nearly 20 EU ambassadors in Bangkok have confronted the military junta with their fears over the country’s forthcoming  referendum on a new constitution.
Digital & Media 22-10-2012

Icelanders back first ‘crowdsourced constitution’

Iceland residents voted overwhelmingly in favour of a new Constitution written by a Constitutional Council of 25 citizens who gathered feedback through social media. 
Regional Policy 12-01-2012

Brussels threatens to cut Hungary’s regional funds

Economic Affairs Commissioner Olli Rehn yesterday (11 January) said Hungary is the sole country on the Commission’s excessive deficit ‘caution list’ and warned that cohesion funds could be frozen it if fails to trim its deficit.
Future EU 17-02-2011

German plaintiff fears ‘self-surrender’ of Bundestag

The German Constitutional Court is currently looking into whether or not the Greek aid package was legal. Plaintiff Markus Kerber spoke to EURACTIV Germany about delays to the court ruling and possible implications for the German parliament.
Enlargement 06-05-2010

Albania seeks way out from political stalemate

The Albanian government is doing everything it can to find a way out of the country's unprecedented political crisis, which sees the opposition boycotting parliament and prevents Tirana from advancing towards EU membership, Albania's Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs Ilir Meta told EURACTIV in an exclusive interview.
Enlargement 05-05-2010

Turkish opposition: No regrets over rejected constitutional amendment

Turkey's parliament rejected on 3 May a constitutional amendment to make it harder to ban political parties, upsetting the government's plans to reform a charter written during military rule in the 1980s. A representative of the main Turkish opposition party told EURACTIV in an interview that the rejected article would have boosted the authoritarian government.
Future EU 25-07-2007

Interview: ‘Two-speed Europe means more choices’

With formal discussions on a new EU 'Reform Treaty' launched this week, Italian Prime Minister Romano Prodi says he is favourable to a two-speed Europe in order to prevent the less euro-enthusiast from setting the pace. He spoke to EURACTIV Slovakia about his desire for a stronger Union.
EU Priorities 2020 23-07-2007

EU opens up Treaty revision with launch of IGC

The EU is set to launch an Intergovernmental Conference in Brussels today (23 July) to revise its institutions and power-sharing system amid growing calls in the UK to submit the draft 'Reform Treaty' to a referendum.
Future EU 15-06-2007

Sarkozy and Kaczynski ‘confident’ about EU Treaty deal

The French and Polish presidents have met in Paris to discuss institutional reform. But with the growing threat of a Polish veto on any change to the Council voting system, the upcoming summit is unlikely to bring the EU out of its institutional impasse.
EU Priorities 2020 11-05-2007

European citizens’ consultations: Do EU leaders care?

Representatives of the European Citizens Consultations project handed over the final report of their deliberations to Vice-President Margot Wallström and MEPs on 10 May. But will their hard work have any influence on EU leaders who are 'diplomatically' resurrecting the failed Constitution? 
Future EU 26-03-2007

Europe set for constitutional revamp?

The Berlin Declaration has set out a timeline for an institutional renewal of the EU by 2009. However, opinions differ as to what should be included in the new EU Treaty.
Future EU 23-03-2007

‘Constitution’ and ‘enlargement’ dropped in EU birthday declaration

The Berlin Declaration marking the EU's 50th anniversary will not directly mention enlargement or the European Constitution, in order to avoid potential disputes between member states.
Future EU 07-03-2007

EU split on birthday declaration

The German Presidency is seeking a consensus for Berlin Declaration, which will mark the Union’s 50th anniversary on 25 March 2007. But views differ on what it should include.
Central Europe 18-12-2006

EU tightens rules for future enlargement

On 15 December 2006, European leaders opted for a stricter application of membership criteria as Turkey talks are partially suspended.
EU Priorities 2020 10-11-2006

NGOs and MEPs unite to give citizens greater say

Inspired by a provision in the stalled Constitutional Treaty, civil-society groups have called on the EU to give legal force to citizen’s initiatives.
Future EU 12-10-2006

Will Chancellor Merkel cure EU paralysis?

German Chancellor Angela Merkel promised President Barroso to break the deadlock on the EU's failed constitution when both leaders met in Berlin on 11 October.
Enlargement 25-09-2006

Merkel: No promises beyond Balkans

Speaking at an international forum, German Chancellor Angela Merkel presented her vision of a future-EU based on common values.
Med & South 21-09-2006

Study: European citizens doubt Turkey in EU by 2020

According to a survey, most EU citizens expect an EU Constitution and more than 27 Member States by 2020, but doubt that Ukraine and Turkey will be members by then.
Future EU 20-09-2006

Calculating costs of no Constitution?

In a press conference on 19 September 2006, German socialist MEP Jo Leinen urged that the Constitution be ratified as soon as possible.
Central Europe 11-09-2006

Sarkozy proposes ‘Mini-Treaty’, new Convention and a ‘Non’ to Turkey

At meetings in Brussels on 7-8 September, French presidential candidate-hopeful Nicolas Sarkozy offered his European credentials, presenting a "Mini-Treaty" as a way out of the constitutional impasse.
Med & South 04-09-2006

German foreign minister calls for a new EU approach towards the East

Germany's chief diplomat has set out new priorities for the 2007 German presidency in 2007 in his recent speech. He particularly underlined the need for a new approach towards the EU’s eastern neighbours.
Future EU 31-08-2006

France: ‘Europe of results’ needs results

Handling globalisation should be the EU's new 'raison d'être' to address the public's 'EU fatigue', argues France's European Affairs minister.
Future EU 30-08-2006

Merkel reignites ‘Christian constitution’ debate

Following an audience with the Pope, German Chancellor Angela Merkel revives debate about a reference to God in the future EU constitution.