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Central Asia 09-06-2022

Independent analyst: Kazakh authorities are aware of the scale of public discontent

The Kazakh authorities at first tried to stigmatise as terrorists and outcasts those who had taken to the streets in January, but they are very aware of the scale of public discontent and are trying to respond to them, political analyst Anastassiya Reshetnyak said in an interview.
Central Asia 07-06-2022

Analyst: Too many ‘Black Swans’ in the vicinity of Kazakhstan

Too many ‘Black Swans’ have appeared globally, many in the vicinity of Kazakhstan. Still, the country will continue its muti-vector policy to ensure stability in contact with the world’s major players, Askar Nursha, an independent political analyst, told EURACTIV in an interview.
Central Asia 06-06-2022

Kazakhstan voters open way for political reform

Over 76% of Kazakh voters approved on Sunday (5 June) the constitutional changes aimed at political reform put to a referendum by President Kassym-Jomart Tokayev, with 68.44% or 8 million citizens turning out to vote, according to exit polls.
Central Asia 04-06-2022

Kazakhstan’s constitutional referendum explained

On Friday (3 June), Kazakhstan’s President Kassym-Jomart Tokayev gave the shortest speech of his career – only three minutes, expressing the ambition “to make New Kazakhstan a reality” in which social justice would be the principal value.
Central Asia 03-06-2022

With referendum, Kazakh President pushes for reforms

While the EU and US are preoccupied with the Ukraine war, they should pay attention to events in Central Asia as well, where on Sunday (5 June) a package of constitutional amendments will be approved by referendum in Kazakhstan, write Svante E. Cornell and Albert Barro.
Central Asia 02-05-2022

Kazakhstan president calls for constitutional referendum, warns against ‘provocateurs’

Kazakhstan’s President Kassym-Jomart Tokayev has announced a national referendum on his proposed amendments to the county’s constitution and warned against what he described as “provocateurs who are trying to undermine the unity in the country”.
Global Europe 18-08-2016

Thai junta finance minister brushes off foreign investment plunge

Thailand's finance minister on Thursday (18 August) brushed off concerns about plunging foreign investment under junta rule, saying "there is light ahead" now that voters have approved a military-crafted constitution.
Elections 09-08-2016

Renzi concedes he made a ‘mistake’ to personalise Italy’s constitutional referendum

Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renzi said on Tuesday (9 August) it had been a mistake to personalise a referendum, due to be held later this year, in which he originally promised to resign if he failed to convince voters to support the need for constitutional change.
Global Europe 07-07-2016

German lawmakers denounce Thailand’s draft constitution

The Thai government is increasingly cracking down on its critics, warned the German government's foreign affairs committee ahead of the Southeast Asian country's vote on its new constitution. EURACTIV Germany reports.