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Brexit 19-10-2016

Breaking up the UK

Brexit has thrown into question the future trajectory of the UK, and the Conservative government is in the driving seat. A second referendum is potentially a necessary intervention to push back against the reactionary forces mobilised by the Leave camp, argues Josh White.
Global Europe 01-04-2015

EU must speak up to thwart Thailand’s backdoor dictatorship

General Prayuth Chan-ocha’s military coup in May 2014 quite rightly sparked deep concerns in Brussels. To its credit, the European Union acted swiftly with punitive measures, but the junta’s latest attempts at constitutional reform pose a long-term threat that must be addressed, argues Aron Shaviv. 
Future EU 07-02-2014

The state of the Union’s democratic process

The European Commission's democratic legitimacy is still an important issue that should be thoroughly analysed in a future revision of the treaties, writes Paulo Rangel.
Public Affairs 07-11-2013

What role for national parliaments in EU law making?

The Lisbon Treaty entrusted national parliaments with new tools to hold their governments accountable for decisions taken at the European level. The fact that some national parliaments do very little to use these tools, shows a true “democratic deficit”, Richard Corbett writes.
Future EU 06-01-2012

Hungary under Orbán: Consolidation of power

The manoeuvres of Hungarian ruling party Fidesz regarding the institutions' reconstruction have fuelled strong controversy but it's unlikely to bring any changes strong enough to challenge Prime Minister Viktor Orbán, says Andrej Sadecki of the Centre for Eastern Studies in Warsaw.