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Future EU 18-07-2007

‘Patience with Poland has come to an end’

Despite some criticism, Socialist MEP Jo Leinen thinks the EU's draft ‘Reform Treaty’ represents a ‘huge improvement’ compared to the Nice Treaty currently in force. But he warns that if Poland tries to drive the rest of the EU crazy once more, it may receive a 'red card' from the Portuguese Presidency.
Future EU 13-06-2006

Interview with Daniel Spoel on a roadmap for a new “EU social contract”

Daniel Spoel is member of the European Permanent Forum for Civil Society. EURACTIV talked to him about "Plan B: Changer la gouvernance européenne," in which he and four colleagues present a roadmap for the redefinition of the European project.
Future EU 13-01-2006

Interview with MEP Voggenhuber on the Austrian Presidency and the EU Constitution

The Austrian Green MEP Johannes Voggenhuber was, together with British Liberal Andrew Duff, the Parliament's rapporteur on the EU Constitution. Both MEPs are also rapporteurs for the report on the period of reflection, to be voted in plenary in the January 16 -19 session. In an exclusive interview with EURACTIV, he commented on how likely the Austrian Presidency were to relaunch the stalled constitutional process.
french language 01-12-2004

Pervenche Berès: “Who’s talking about going back to Nice?”

In an interview with EURACTIV, socialist MEP Pervenche Berès says a French 'no' vote on the EU constitution would not call into question the years of hard work spent reaching a consensus.