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Economy & Jobs 29-06-2021

Commission spending on Big Four consultancy firms grows in 2020

The European Commission’s contracts with PWC, Deloitte, EY and KPMG, known as the ‘Big Four’, continued to increase last year surpassing €156 million, partly due to their rising billing as part of the reform support programme, according to estimates made by EURACTIV.com.
Economy & Jobs 29-04-2021

Commission ponders stricter rules for contracts with consultancies  

The European Commission is considering strengthening its rules to avoid conflicts of interest in contracts with consultancies, following complaints from the European Parliament and recommendations made by the European ombudsman.
Politics 15-04-2021

Millions spent on consultancy firms and the Northern Ireland crisis

This week on EURACTIV’s Yellow Room, we are talking about how some EURACTIV digging led to discussions and examinations over the Commission’s 462 million-euro contracts with several consultancy firms. We are focusing on the Parliament’s next steps and the MEPs’ actions....
Economy & Jobs 14-04-2021

Parliament to look into Commission’s multi-million bill with consultancy firms

The European Parliament will examine the European Commission’s sizeable expenditure on big consultancy firms, recently revealed by EURACTIV.com, and propose a different approach to limit their influence in structural reforms, the chair of the Parliament’s budgetary control committee has said. 
Politics 30-03-2021

MEPs grill Commission about growing expenditure in consultancy firms

A group of 73 MEPs have sent a letter to the European Commission expressing concerns about hundreds of millions of euros spent on consultancy firms and their involvement in policymaking in the wake of an exclusive report by EURACTIV.com.
Economy & Jobs 19-03-2021

EU Court of Auditors looking into Commission’s contracts with consultants 

The European Court of Auditors is examining almost half a billion euro worth of contracts the European Commission has concluded with external consultants to assess whether there is fair value for money in the contracts, a spokesperson of the institution told EURACTIV on Thursday (18 March).
Economy & Jobs 18-03-2021

EXCLUSIVE: Commission’s ballooning bill with consultancy firms revealed 

The European Commission spent more than €462 million between 2016 and 2019 in contracts with the ‘Big Four’ consultancy firms, according to estimates made by EURACTIV based on official documents.