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Agrifood 28-03-2018

Chocolate firms still have long way to go to have sustainable policies

Chocolate companies still have “a huge amount of work to do” in implementing truly sustainable policies, with some doing much better than others, the Washington-based NGO Mighty Earth concluded in a consumer guide ranking chocolate producers, published a few days ahead of Easter.
Economy & Jobs 15-06-2017

UK imports and exports will suffer from Brexit isolation

The United Kingdom is a net importer of goods, both from the EU and the rest of the world. While post-Brexit Britain will remain an important export market for the EU-27, its isolation in Europe and loss of preferential access to the bloc’s trading partners could have dramatic consequences.
Health 09-06-2017

The slippery slope of consumer goods regulation

Over the past few years, a series of restrictions on fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) have been imposed across the world, including in several European countries.
Health 14-04-2011

The battle for EU consumer rights

The EU's new Consumer Rights Directive is designed to drag consumer rights legislation into the 21st Century by creating legal certainty for businesses and better protecting online shoppers in particular. But EU policymakers are currently at loggerheads over the scope of the draft law. 
Health 13-04-2011

Food products: ‘Lower quality’ in Eastern EU?

Major food and drink multinationals are packing variable quality products to be shipped to different European countries under the same name, alleges a survey conducted by the Slovak Association of Consumers. EURACTIV Slovakia reports. 
Health 26-01-2011

Online sales divides MEPs ahead of consumer rights vote

Consumer groups have warned of missed opportunities in the EU's draft Consumer Rights Directive ahead of a crucial vote on the legislation in the European Parliament next week (1 February), which sees MEPs split over its direction.  
Health 26-10-2010

EU to probe Internet, meat markets

Following a survey of 50 key markets for consumer goods and services, the European Commission has discovered that EU citizens have the least trust in meat and Internet service provision.
Trade & Society 16-04-2010

More dangerous goods removed from EU shelves

Record numbers of dangerous goods were removed from EU shelves last year, Health and Consumer Policy Commissioner John Dalli said yesterday (15 April), presenting the European Commission's annual report on product safety in Brussels. But consumer organisations said far too many dangerous products were slipping through the net and onto the market place.

Nanotech claims ‘dropped’ for fear of consumer recoil

Finding reliable information about products on the European market which currently contain nanomaterials is becoming increasingly difficult, according to high-level experts addressing a meeting of consumer groups from the EU and US.
Trade & Society 28-01-2009

Commission urged to raise iPod safety standards

Consumer groups have asked the Commission to "revise existing safety standards" to protect users of personal music players (PMPs), such as Apple's iPod, from the risk of hearing damage.
Public Affairs 30-10-2008

Businesses fear EU-US regulatory frenzy after election

EU consumer groups are calling for transatlantic product standards legislation to be better enforced. But business representatives warn that regulatory cooperation is "not always very good" for industry.
Health 10-10-2008

Business hails new EU consumer rights plan

Business representatives broadly supported a directive on consumer rights unveiled by Consumer Affairs Commissioner Meglena Kuneva on Wednesday (8 September), hailing the proposals as 'good news'. But consumer groups are arguing that the text should go further.
Health 08-10-2008

EU moves to boost online shopping

The European Commission will present new legislation today (8 October) aimed at making it easier for consumers to shop on the Internet and on the high street alike. But the proposals received a lukewarm reception from consumer organisations for "falling short of expectations".
Health 18-04-2008

Commission says EU product safety ‘improving’

EU product safety standards are improving, according to Consumer Protection Commissioner Meglena Kuneva, who presented the results of a Commission survey yesterday (17 April). But consumer organisations say much more can be done to improve the effectiveness of EU surveillance systems.
Health 01-02-2008

Commission seeks to ensure EU single market delivers for consumers

The Commission has announced a number of in-depth sectoral investigations to track "competition killers" depriving consumers of choice and best prices. The first to go under Commission scrutiny are the retail banking and insurance industries.
Public Affairs 05-12-2007

Kuneva goes online to raise toy safety awareness

Consumer Affairs Commissioner Meglena Kuneva will today (5 December) take part in an online chat with European citizens to discuss product safety, with toys a particular concern for consumers ahead of the Christmas period.
Public Affairs 28-11-2007

Women targeted in new REACH campaign

A new guidebook targeted at women has been launched to promote consumers' rights under the EU's chemicals regulation REACH.
Health 23-11-2007

International co-operation ‘a priority’ in EU toy safety review

Increasing EU co-operation with the US and China on toy safety is a priority, Commissioner for Consumer Protection Meglena Kuneva announced yesterday (22 November), presenting plans to strengthen product safety across the Union.
Public Affairs 07-11-2007

Toy safety campaign launched in time for Christmas

Commissioner for Consumer Protection Meglena Kuneva has launched a new toy safety campaign in her native Bulgaria ahead of the festive period.
Health 03-03-2006

Increasing number of unsafe products on EU market

The number of unsafe products identified in the EU rose sharply in 2005. More than half of the serious risk notifications concerned toys and electrical appliances.
Enlargement 11-05-2001

Three quarters of CEEC enterprises ready for enlargement by 2003

Eurochambres survey says nearly three quarters of Central and Eastern European companies will comply with EU law by December 2002