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Data protection 28-04-2022

EU top court: Consumer groups can bring class actions for data protection infringements

The EU Court of Justice ruled on Thursday (28 April) that consumer groups can autonomously bring legal proceedings for alleged breaches of data protection rules as long as national law allows it.
Technology 28-01-2022

Digital Brief powered by Facebook: WhatsApp under scrutiny, platforms vs trade unions, DSA prep talks  

Welcome to EURACTIV’s Digital Brief, your weekly update on all things digital in the EU.
Technology 27-01-2022

EU Commission requires WhatsApp to clarify how it processes personal data

The European Commission sent a letter to WhatsApp on Thursday (27 January) asking how its new privacy policy meets the EU consumer protection requirements and clarifications on the exchanges of personal data with the parent company Meta. The letter results...
Economy & Jobs 25-01-2022

Representative Action Directive: deficiencies that need to be fixed

The Representative Action Directive aimed to protect consumers from abusive trade practices still faces deficiencies that need to be addressed, writes Dr Polykarpos Adamidis.