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Circular economy 29-01-2021

‘Greenwashing’ is rampant in online stores, consumer authorities find

Many of the "green" claims on companies' websites are exaggerated, false and potentially illegal, according to a study of online shops and traders by the European Union and national consumer protection authorities.
Circular economy 16-11-2020

EU Commission aims to tackle greenwashing in new consumer agenda

Avoiding greenwashing and providing customers with more information about the sustainability of products is a key part of the Commission’s new consumer agenda, launched on Friday (13 November).
Technology 25-07-2017

Google, Facebook and Twitter face fines as EU grows ‘impatient’ with lax consumer rules

Google, Facebook and Twitter could face fines if they do not change their user conditions to meet the European Commission's demands.
Euro & Finance 21-04-2015

Consumers lukewarm on cross-border finance, insurance

SPECIAL REPORT / A key problem facing policymakers and industry analysts looking to the provision of cross-border services in finance is the level of consumer demand.
Health 27-06-2011

SMEs balk at new Consumer Rights Directive

Consumer groups are broadly satisfied with new consumer rights legislation in Europe, but SMEs fear the law will increase administrative burdens on small traders. Governments have two years to implement the EU's new Consumer Rights Directive after years of negotiations concluded with its passing into law last week by the European Parliament.  
Health 20-06-2011

Parliament set to pass new consumer rights bill into law

Consumers and businesses alike should reap the benefits of new consumer rights legislation in Europe, with years of negotiations set to conclude with the approval by the European Parliament on Thursday (23 June) of the EU's Consumer Rights Directive.  
Health 08-06-2011

Brussels secures consumer rights breakthrough

Representatives of all three EU institutions have reached a provisional agreement on the bloc's Consumer Rights Directive after hours of negotiations, paving the way for the draft legislation to be voted into law later this month. 
Health 02-02-2011

Parliament battles over consumer rights

An updated version of the EU's Consumer Rights Directive was approved by the European Parliament's internal market committee yesterday (1 February). But socialist MEPs rejected the text and accused their centre-right colleagues of "selling off" the rights of European consumers, suggesting that further battles lie ahead before the legislation becomes law.  
Health 26-01-2011

Online sales divides MEPs ahead of consumer rights vote

Consumer groups have warned of missed opportunities in the EU's draft Consumer Rights Directive ahead of a crucial vote on the legislation in the European Parliament next week (1 February), which sees MEPs split over its direction.  
Health 19-01-2011

EU mulls out-of-court consumer dispute system

The European Commission is considering introducing an EU-wide alternative dispute resolution (ADR) system to prevent consumers from having to go to court to settle disputes with companies. But consumer groups warned the move must not detract attention from plans to introduce judicial collective redress.  
Health 13-01-2011

EU lacks ‘clear vision’ on consumer rights

Brussels lacks a "clear vision or strategy" on consumer rights legislation, Ursula Pachl, deputy director-general of European consumer group BEUC, told EURACTIV in an interview. 
Health 13-12-2010

Belgian Presidency paves way for consumer rights deal

Ministers meeting at an EU Competitiveness Council last week backed compromise proposals tabled by the Belgian EU Presidency aimed at drawing up "common consumer rights" across the European Union and bringing together existing EU legislation into a single Consumer Rights Directive.
Health 22-09-2010

Reding ditches plans for US-style consumer lawsuits

Consumer groups have expressed dismay following Justice Commissioner Viviane Reding's announcement that plans for an EU "collective redress" system are now off the agenda.
EU Priorities 2020 06-11-2009

E-commerce key to completing internal market, says Kuneva

Barriers to shopping online across borders must be eliminated if the EU's internal market is to be completed, Consumer Affairs Commissioner Meglena Kuneva said yesterday (5 November), presenting her vision for the future European consumer policy.
Technology 26-10-2009

EU vows to break down digital borders

The flow of digital content is hampered by national borders and their laws, an EU report published last week shows, leading the European Commission to argue that better rules on consumer access and copyright are needed.
Technology 07-05-2009

EU guide to inform consumers of digital rights

The European Commission this week launched a new online guide setting out the digital rights that consumers enjoy under EU law.
EU Priorities 2020 30-04-2009

MEPs urged to sign up to ‘consumer pact’

Getting citizens to vote in the European elections should not be a gruelling task, according to Monique Goyens, director-general of BEUC, the EU consumer organisation. In an interview with EURACTIV, she explained how a proposed "consumer pact" could re-connect voters to Europe.
Trade & Society 28-01-2009

Commission urged to raise iPod safety standards

Consumer groups have asked the Commission to "revise existing safety standards" to protect users of personal music players (PMPs), such as Apple's iPod, from the risk of hearing damage.
Public Affairs 19-01-2009

Interview: ‘We’ll name and shame unfair companies’

The European Commission will wrap up its investigations of airline companies in May by ‘naming and shaming’ those who profess unfair commercial practices, Consumer Affairs Commissioner Meglena Kuneva told EURACTIV in an exclusive interview.
Trade & Society 28-11-2008

EU mulls collective redress for consumers

The European Commission yesterday (27 November) opened a public consultation to consider ways of introducing a collective redress system for victims of illegal commercial practices. But consumer groups accused the EU executive of "lacking ambition".
Health 10-10-2008

Business hails new EU consumer rights plan

Business representatives broadly supported a directive on consumer rights unveiled by Consumer Affairs Commissioner Meglena Kuneva on Wednesday (8 September), hailing the proposals as 'good news'. But consumer groups are arguing that the text should go further.
Health 08-10-2008

EU moves to boost online shopping

The European Commission will present new legislation today (8 October) aimed at making it easier for consumers to shop on the Internet and on the high street alike. But the proposals received a lukewarm reception from consumer organisations for "falling short of expectations".
Health 22-05-2008

Parliament backs plans for EU ‘consumer redress’ scheme

The European Parliament yesterday backed Commission plans to provide EU citizens with a collective redress mechanism for the settlement of cross-border consumer complaints in what appears to be a watered-down version of US-style class action lawsuits.
Health 18-04-2008

Commission says EU product safety ‘improving’

EU product safety standards are improving, according to Consumer Protection Commissioner Meglena Kuneva, who presented the results of a Commission survey yesterday (17 April). But consumer organisations say much more can be done to improve the effectiveness of EU surveillance systems.