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Economy & Jobs 21-06-2021

A fairer playing field for businesses and consumers

The EU's new VAT regime will create rules fit for the digital age and benefit businesses and consumers, writes Gerassimos Thomas.

Better lawmaking? Only if it is in the people’s interest

It is in the public interest to have a well-functioning legislative and regulatory body that is appropriate for the context. However, it raises many questions about the objectives being pursued, writes Reine-Claude Mader.
Energy 26-05-2015

Delivering real markets for real consumers in the Energy Union

Consumers will not be ready to take advantage of the redesign of the EU’s electricity market without strong political direction, writes Simon Skillings.
Energy 31-07-2007

Additional rights for energy consumers ‘not Commission concern’

The Commission has suggested introducing a European Charter on the Rights of Energy Consumers. However, the German Centre for European Policy (CEP) states in a July 2007 paper that such a charter would undermine freedom of contract and disturb market development.