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Circular economy 16-11-2020

EU Commission aims to tackle greenwashing in new consumer agenda

Avoiding greenwashing and providing customers with more information about the sustainability of products is a key part of the Commission’s new consumer agenda, launched on Friday (13 November).
Data protection 16-07-2018

Facebook under pressure for weak consumer policy

European regulators will announce next week whether they will punish Facebook for its consumer terms and conditions, after the company was warned in February that its rules do not comply with EU law.
Agrifood 10-07-2018

Amended Commission food proposal ‘completely inadequate’, says foodwatch  

The European Commission continues to serve the interests of big companies rather than consumers, and this will lead to new food scandals soon, the European consumer organisation foodwatch said on Tuesday (10 July).
Iphone. [Pixabay].
Technology 18-07-2014

EU: Apple should do more to tackle in-app purchases problem

Apple has provided no concrete and immediate solutions to tackle the problem of adults and children racking up credit card bills by making "in-app" purchases on tablets and mobile phones, the European Commission said on Friday (18 July).
Transport 18-09-2013

Parliament floats more compensation for delayed air passengers

Air passengers should be entitled to financial compensation after three hours of delay on intra-European flights, the transport committee of the European Parliament said in a debate yesterday (17 September).
Technology 06-09-2013

Commission urged to protect consumers against ‘IP tracking’

MEPs have called on the European Commission to protect consumers’ privacy and personal data online by regulating the so-called “IP-tracking” systems of some commercial Internet sites, a move Brussels has so far abstained from but might be forced to reconsider given the mood in some member states.