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Agrifood 12-07-2018

What’s in a beer? The road ahead for consumers’ right to know

Beer drinkers like clear, consistent, honest communication. That’s why Europe’s brewers have voluntary committed to providing consumers with the list of ingredients and nutrition information in full accordance with EU law, a decision welcomed by policymakers and NGOs alike.
Energy 06-11-2017

Does EU gas policymaking take customers’ interest into account?

Ahead of a reform of the EU rules to cover offshore gas pipelines, in its latest attempt to regulate Russia’s planned Nord Stream 2 pipeline, Danila Bochkarev offered his comments.
Energy 07-09-2016

It’s time to acknowledge rising consumer demand for renewable energy

Across Europe, consumers are choosing renewable electricity and are doing so on a large scale. It’s time to recognise this demand for renewable energy by reporting on national consumption, and not only production, of renewables, writes Jared Braslawsky.
Health 29-10-2013

EU health policy should reflect realities

Chronic diseases get a lot of attention from EU policymakers, but chronic pain is just as big a problem, and practitioners should learn how to handle it, writes Professor Hans Kress.
Health 01-07-2013

More work needed to ensure safe medical devices in Europe

As the EU regulation on medical devices is under review, much remains to be done to reassure European consumers about the safety of these products, argues Monique Goyens.
Energy 21-05-2013

The European energy community is now

Changes shaking the European energy sector along with the requirements of sustainable development carry the need for a new-era energy community, mirroring  the ambitions the founders had in 1951 when they put together a coal and steel community, say Jacques Delors, Jerzy Buzek, Antonio Vitorino and Sami Andoura.

Moving without removing: The blind spot in the European single market

Sweden's decision to discriminate between consumers in the same country in order to avoid discriminating between consumers in two different EU member states raises several concerns about the single market, argue Joakim Nergelius and Gustav Lorentz.

The Single Market should never be taken for granted

This week offers us an opportunity to look back at the significant achievements that have been made in opening up Europe's markets. There is no doubt that it has provided new opportunities to businesses and consumers, who can take advantage of a market place that boasts over 500 million consumers, writes Malcolm Harbour.
Health 31-05-2012

Building a single e-commerce market

The regulatory framework in Europe is still a barrier for growth for e-commerce, says Marc Lolivier.
Trade & Society 14-04-2008

Addressing consumer concerns about climate change

As climate change moves up the political agenda, consumers are beginning to push corporations to address the effect they have on the environment, says a March 2008 strategy paper published by consulting firm McKinsey. Meanwhile, corporations are responding to consumers' needs by providing better products and company benefits, it says.