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  • Adherence in Multiple Sclerosis

     Video | Promoted content | Health 30-06-2013

    Adherence is more than taking medication regularly. Adherence is about personal lifestyle goals and choices, DMD treatment choices, rehabilitation and symptomatic treatment choices, vocational choices, relationship and family choices in a setting of multiple uncertainties and risks as person with Multiple Sclerosis.


    Assessment of existing knowledge and experiences in adherence in a chronic disease and the development of a joint proposal by the gathered panel of experts on further actions in this field -- these are the two main aims of ADAMS.

  • The European energy community is now

    Opinion | Energy 21-05-2013

    Changes shaking the European energy sector along with the requirements of sustainable development carry the need for a new-era energy community, mirroring  the ambitions the founders had in 1951 when they put together a coal and steel community, say Jacques Delors, Jerzy Buzek, Antonio Vitorino and Sami Andoura.

  • Consumers worried about chemicals in food: Eurobarometer

    News | Health 06-02-2013

    Many EU consumers believe that their food, cleaning and beauty products contain chemicals, and are most likely to check food products for chemicals before buying, according to a new Eurobarometer survey.

  • Consumers want clearer origin labelling of their food: Survey

    News | Health 25-01-2013

    The origin country of products is a key criteria for EU consumers when buying food, says a new survey by the European Consumer Organisation (BEUC). The organisation recommends an update of EU food labelling legislation.

  • Household electricity consumption reaches new high: Report

    News | Energy 14-12-2012

    After decreasing steadily for years, household electricity consumption in 2010 reached its highest level in two decades, says a report by the European Commission.

  • MEPs back harmonised rules for cross-border consumer litigation

    News | Health 21-11-2012

    The European Parliament has shown overwhelming support for a Commission proposal to help businesses and consumers resolve cross-border legal disputes in a vote in Strasbourg yesterday (20 November).

  • Moving without removing: The blind spot in the European single market

    Opinion | Innovation & Industry 15-11-2012

    Sweden's decision to discriminate between consumers in the same country in order to avoid discriminating between consumers in two different EU member states raises several concerns about the single market, argue Joakim Nergelius and Gustav Lorentz.

  • Without Dalli, GMO foes hope for tougher EU policy

    Special Report | News | Science & Policymaking 12-11-2012

    Environmental groups frustrated by Commissioner John Dalli’s outward support of the genetically modified food industry are hoping his successor will take a tougher line.

  • The Single Market should never be taken for granted

    Special Report | Opinion 17-10-2012

    This week offers us an opportunity to look back at the significant achievements that have been made in opening up Europe's markets. There is no doubt that it has provided new opportunities to businesses and consumers, who can take advantage of a market place that boasts over 500 million consumers, writes Malcolm Harbour.

  • New smartphone launches compatibility furore

    News | Digital & Media 21-09-2012

    The Apple iPhone 5, launched in shops today (21 September) in some European countries, has come under fire from consumer groups for its new connecter, which renders old devices obsolete.

  • Danish fat tax a feast for German border shops

    News | Agrifood 22-08-2012

    Denmark's recently introduced tax on food and drinks is driving shoppers to neighbouring Germany at an unprecedented level, according to a survey by the Danish Grocers’ Trade Organisation (DSK).

  • Changing consumer behaviour to sustainability

    Policy Brief | Health 16-08-2012

    Concerns about the sustainability of natural resources are rising, prompting policymakers and companies to encourage consumers to think green. Labelling is one way of doing this, but consumer groups advise against confronting shoppers with too much information and warn that green claims aren't always independently verified.