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Future EU 30-11-2011

Swiss expert: Citizens’ initiative is too ‘weak’ to bridge democratic gap

The European citizens' initiative, one of the main innovations of the Lisbon Treaty to engage the people of Europe, is too 'weak' to bridge the democratic gap as it preserves the legislative monopoly of the European Commission, Switzerland’s leading expert on direct democracy said in an interview with EURACTIV.
EU Priorities 2020 30-06-2011

Giscard: Europe needs a people’s congress

EU leaders are too focused on the short term of upcoming elections and lack a strategic vision to give new impetus to European integration and better connect with citizens, said Valéry Giscard d'Estaing in an interview with EURACTIV.
Future EU 24-02-2006

While experts call for deep changes, Austrian Presidency holds its cards

The EU Presidency plays down expectations for the end of the reflection period and for reconnecting with citizens’ and the economy’s needs.
Future EU 12-01-2006

Germany rejects Chirac Constitution proposal

EU leaders have almost all declined a proposal by French President Jacques Chirac to save the EU Constitution by splitting it up into single chapters and integrating those into the existing EU framework.
Future EU 10-09-2004

Former French PM Fabius imposes conditions for supporting EU Constitution

Aspiring president Laurent Fabius has warned he will call for a 'no' vote during the French referendum on the EU Constitution if Chirac and EU leaders do not agree on reforms to make Europe more social.
Future EU 20-02-2003

EP study day opposes ideas for a permanent EU Presidency

Members of the European Parliament discussed how to reform the EU Presidency system with three leading experts on 18 February. All experts voiced strong opposition to a permanent Presidency of the Council.
Future EU 18-01-2002

Berlusconi says Italy has abandoned its pro-EU approach

Italy's Prime Minister, Mr Silvio Berlusconi, admitted Italy's centre-right government had abandoned its pro-EU approach. Instead, he said in an interview with the Financial Times, Italy would pursue "limited shared sovereignty in the EU, an economy based on liberal free market principles and the country's national interest".