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Climate change 20-12-2021

Code Red for Humanity – or Green Light for more climate destruction?

While activists battle to ensure taxonomy paves the way for real climate action, EU political leaders want to rebrand fossil gas and nuclear power as "sustainable", when they are neither sustainable nor green, argue Greta Thunberg and a group of youth climate activists.
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Seizing the opportunity: three foundations for a smart and affordable building decarbonization

The conclusions of COP26 are clear: we have to speed up to keep the 1.5°C targets within reach. That is a priority of the new German government, the guiding principle for the EU Green Deal, and also for my company:...
Transport 15-12-2021

A shift to cycling, not only electric cars, is needed to cut urban transport emissions

The European Commission’s efficient and green mobility package aims to cut transport emissions by making urban mobility cleaner. But electrifying our vehicles is not enough: To reach Europe’s Green Deal goals, cycling must be championed, writes Jill Warren.
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Circular Packaging after COP26: fibre-based packaging and a more sustainable future.

COP26 was a milestone, with the circular economy recognised as key to tackling global challenges, including climate change and reducing the pressure on our precious natural resources.
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Reshaping our energy system – the decade of action is now

To achieve rapid and effective decarbonisation of our economy and to tackle climate change, Europe must utilise the potential that available pre- and post-combustion gas technologies offer complementary to variable renewable energy.
Climate change 12-11-2021

Raising climate finance alone is not enough – it must also target disaster prevention

For a growing number of populations around the world, facing a future of more frequent and extreme disasters will only be possible if more funding is channelled towards adaptation and disaster risk reduction, writes Mami Mizutori.
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Will COP26 lead to actionable take-aways or be a dine-in and leave with an empty stomach experience? Reflections of a CEO new to COP26

No matter what leaders bring to COP26 tables, the question is will they make binding commitments to do better upon their return? I am optimistic, because positivity tends to result in a willingness to act, which the world really needs.
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How to leapfrog towards net-zero buildings at COP26

The impact of climate change is already felt, COP26 must take decisive action to deliver on the 1.5-degree scenario.
Climate change 03-11-2021

Why investing in Africa’s livestock sector offers best returns for climate resilience

Asking Africa to reduce numbers of livestock to meet global climate goals, as one European negotiator suggested earlier this year, is not a solution to the climate change crisis, writes George Wamukoya.
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Transport 03-11-2021

Greener shipping: how the EU can boost a global ambition

Progressive Industry leaders from the shipping sector stress that full decarbonisation of international shipping is urgent and achievable. Governments and international regulators must deliver the policies that will supercharge the transition and make zero emission shipping the default choice by 2030.
Climate change 10-06-2021

The case for an EU grand climate strategy

Following the fiasco of the 2009 Copenhagen climate summit, the EU adapted its engagement in international climate politics to take better account of emerging economies, write Sebastian Oberthür and Claire Dupont. Now, it should upgrade its policy to a "grand climate strategy," combining the domestic and external dimensions, they argue.
Climate change 20-09-2019

A turning point is needed on climate action

The UN climate summit next week puts the signatories to the Paris Agreement under the spotlight, and will be the acid test for the EU’s new talk on climate. If the bloc really intends to lead the world on economic decarbonisation, this is where it starts, writes Eliot Whittington.