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Private copying in Spain: A slap in the face for authors

The Spanish government’s decision to limit the amount of compensation payable to rightsholders is a slap in the face to authors, as well as to the culture industry, writes Fernando Carbajo Cascón.
Languages & Culture 17-04-2015

Lucas Belvaux: ‘This copyright reform will impoverish culture’

The planned reform of EU copyright law has caused a wave of protest among rights holders, who fear the financing of the whole cultural sector will be put at risk. 
Digital & Media 16-03-2015

Cultural industries unite against copyright reform

France's cultural industries have shown their determination to fight European copyright reform plans. A parallel movement among members of the European Parliament hopes to have the Electronic Commerce Directive re-examined as part of the reform package. EURACTIV France reports
Languages & Culture 13-03-2015

Private copying levy in EU’s firing line

The private copying levy, invented in France in the 1980s and now commonplace across the EU, is a subject of friction between rights holders and distributors. Critics highlight the system's lack of transparency and unequal application across the EU. EURACTIV France reports
Digital & Media 06-12-2012

EU mulls more flexible online copyright law

Internet users in Europe may be allowed to reproduce parts of some copyrighted files legally under reforms to outdated rules governing the murky world of online piracy, EU officials said yesterday (5 December).
Digital & Media 07-12-2011

Private copy: Barnier tries to crack the nut

Talks between right-holders and makers of electronic goods will restart at the beginning of 2012 to try and find a solution to the sensitive issue of levies to compensate artists for the copying of their works.
Digital & Media 25-05-2011

EU asks mediator to untangle copying levies

The European Commission is throwing in the towel after deciding to delegate a 16-year battle to harmonise private copying levies of CDs and books across the bloc to a mediator, in an attempt to overcome one of many stumbling blocks to a single digital market.