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Technology 19-01-2012

Schaake MEP: Draft US online piracy bills a ‘slippery slope’

Two controversial draft bills on internet piracy and intellectual property protection, which are currently being examined in the US Congress, are raising concerns among policymakers in the European Parliament. Marietje Schaake, a Dutch MEP, has taken up the issue and voiced her concerns to EURACTIV in an interview.
Technology 17-09-2009

Activist: Telecoms package innovation-hostile

The EU's proposed telecoms package is anti-innovation and infringes users' fundamental freedoms, Jeremie Zimmerman, founder of Internet civil liberties group La Quadrature du Net, told EURACTIV in an interview.
Technology 01-12-2005

Interview – Cornelia Kutterer (BEUC): Consumer rights online need to be secured

The legitimate interest of the holders of intellectual property rights to defend those is being abused to restrict the equally legitimate use of content that consumers have purchased, says Cornelia Kutterer, Senior Legal Adviser with BEUC. On 11 November 2005, the European consumer organisation launched a campaign for defending consumers' rights in the digital environment.