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Future EU 27-06-2016

Diplomats mock the ‘founding countries’ ministerial gatherings

Diplomats outside the group of the six founding members of the Union who have had meetings to discuss the future of the EU spoke ironically about the initiative.

Renzi compares EU to sinking Titanic’s orchestra

Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renzi has stepped up his war of words with Brussels by comparing the European Union to the orchestra that kept on playing as the Titanic sunk to the bottom of the Atlantic.
Central Europe 10-02-2016

EU’s founding members seek ‘more Europe’, even if it is smaller

The six founding members of the European Union yesterday (9 February) reiterated their commitment to "ever closer union", even it means leaving less enthusiastic partners like Britain behind.
Future EU 22-06-2004

The Constitutional Treaty – opening the way to a “core” Europe?

This EPC paper analyses the outcome of the European Council on 17-18 June 2004, focusing primarily on the Constitutional Treaty.
Future EU 01-03-2004

Fischer drops ‘core Europe’ vision

Formerly one of the leading backers of a 'core Europe', Germany's Foreign Minister Joschka Fischer, has distanced himself from the idea.
Security 16-04-2003

Shaken to the core

France will not be able to create a breakaway “core Europe” but don't expect the east Europeans to become Anglo-Saxon poodles.