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MEP: EU corporate reporting blueprint should be basis of international rules

The European Commission’s plans for a Sustainability Reporting directive announced on Wednesday (21 April) provides “solid ground for discussion” and should allow EU standards to determine international rules, says Pascal Durand, the European Parliament’s rapporteur on the subject, as he...
Development Policy 14-04-2017

French development chief: ‘SDGs apply to France in same way as Burkina Faso’

Development agencies have to change their dualist approach to Africa, as it does not correspond to the reality the continent is facing, the head of the French Development Agency told EURACTIV France.

Plastic pipe industry chief: Banking on a greener future

Growing market requirements for ‘green procurement’ is driving sustainability, but the success of voluntary corporate sustainability initiatives depends on the attitude and enthusiasm of businesses to live up to higher standards, says Tony Calton.

Sustainability chair: Going beyond the Commission’s CSR proposals

Fund managers and other institutional investors should be scrutinised for their shareholder voting on social responsibility, says the founder of the Corporate Sustainability Reporting Coalition.

Why firms should invest in sustainability

Unilever, the European consumer products company, recently announced the first annual results of its Sustainable Living Plan aimed at improving efficiency in the full cycle of its product line – from production through consumption. Jan Zijderveld talks about how the plan – launched in 2010 – has changed the firm’s outlook.

Crets: ‘CSR now part of corporate vocabulary’

Since its inception in the 1990s, businesses have come a long way on Corporate Social Responsibility, says Stefan Crets, executive director of CSR Europe, a network of multinationals involved in CSR policies.

Disability group: ‘Swedes can improve weak EU legislation’

Current proposals for EU anti-discrimination legislation are too weak when it comes to disability rights and require strong action from the Swedish Presidency, European Disability Forum (EDF) Director Carlotta Besozzi told EURACTIV in an interview.

Davignon: Europe needs a new social model

The first half of 2009 will determine not only whether the EU is successful in leading the global response to the financial crisis, but also what is required to make the European social model work in the 21st century, according to former European Commissioner Viscount Etienne Davignon, president of both Friends of Europe and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Europe, who spoke to EURACTIV ahead of this week's EU summit.

‘Socially responsible behaviour is a strong business motive’

Employment, Social Affairs and Equal Opportunities Commissioner Vladimír Špidla discusses corporate social responsibility (CSR) and 'flexicurity' with EURACTIV Czech Republic. These concepts, while frequently promoted by the European Commission, are still relatively unknown to new member states.