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Development Policy 06-05-2015

Germany ranked 5th in global human rights violations business index

Hardly any country in the world hosts as many companies accused of severe human rights violations as Germany, according to a recent survey by the University of Maastricht. EURACTIV Germany reports.
Development Policy 14-05-2014

New EU private sector aid criteria under the microscope

The European Commission has published the first set of guidelines for involving private sector players in delivering overseas aid, a long-standing practice that has generated controversy with some NGOs for its claimed lack of transparency, accountability and potential for corporate profit-taking.

New EU law to help investors pick good corporate citizens

Investors looking for companies with good environmental, social and governance track records will find the job easier, after European politicians ruled that thousands of firms must reveal their performance as corporate citizens.

Member states backtrack on corporate reporting pledge

SPECIAL REPORT / A pledge made by heads of state and government this summer to beef up corporate social responsibility reporting for European companies is set to be ditched because too few member states are prepared to support it, EURACTIV has learned.
Energy 09-07-2013

Rabobank, Storebrand boost fossil fuels divestment campaign

The campaign to persuade financial groups to divest shareholdings in fossil fuels firms has won a major victory, with one Dutch bank banning investments in ‘unconventional fuels’ and a Norwegian pension fund divesting from 19 companies.

Sustainability leader urges firms to integrate CSR reporting

SPECIAL REPORT / The Commission’s proposals to introduce new corporate social responsibility (CSR) rules must push companies to incorporate non-financial reporting into their accounts, according to a campaigning executive.

Doubts surround corporate ethics on new ‘comply or explain’ regime

SPECIAL REPORT / Those for and against proposals launched this week to tighten corporate social responsibility reporting (CSR) are both suspicious of its “comply or explain” enforcement regime.

Proposed CSR rules too strong for business, too weak for civil society

SPECIAL REPORT / Proposals for disclosure of non-financial information by large companies to beef up corporate social responsibility (CSR) launched by the Commission yesterday (16 April) go too far for business interests, but not far enough for NGOs.

Commission accuses companies of ‘group think’, demands social responsibility

SPECIAL REPORT / The EU executive is due today (16 April) to accuse corporate Europe of lacking innovation and diversity as a result of “group think”, as it unveils new proposals requiring larger companies to disclose information on a range of environmental and social impacts.
Health 05-04-2013

Crisis has hit companies’ social responsibility, poll suggests

Many Europeans appear to have lost trust in the corporate world, with a significant proportion believing that companies are paying less attention to their impact on society and the environment than they were 10 years ago, says a Eurobarometer poll.
Agrifood 21-06-2012

Firms want politicians to ‘take responsibility’ at Rio

SPECIAL REPORT / Conservationists who fear that the Earth Summit in Rio de Janeiro will fail to produce binding commitments to environmental sustainability may have some unsuspecting allies – big corporations.

EU’s ‘ethical business’ blueprint raises expectations

An EU blueprint to increase businesses accountability on environmental and social matters has raised expectations among NGOs that welcomed the "change of tone" in the European Commission's approach but remained cautious on the implementation.

Commission mulls harmonised rules on corporate reporting

The European Commission is considering imposing "standardised mandatory reporting" on how companies communicate about corporate social and environmental issues, in an effort to rebuild citizens' trust in business ethics.

Business leaders urge EU restraint on social harmonisation

At a time of growing cynicism towards the EU, corporate leaders are pointing to the clear need to complete economic integration but are reluctant to delegate national sovereignty on social policy to the EU, according to a new survey of 2,000 business people released on Wednesday (29 June).

Swedes urged to improve EU’s ‘weak’ disability laws

The EU's current anti-discrimination proposals are too weak when it comes to disability rights and require strong action from the Swedish Presidency, European Disability Forum (EDF) Director Carlotta Besozzi told EURACTIV in an interview.
Public Affairs 30-05-2008

Study calls for more accountability of EU corporations

Corporations should be held liable in Europe for human rights abuses and environmental damage incurred outside the EU, according to a new legal study presented by a civil society network in the European Parliament on 29 May.

Interview: Flexicurity and CSR to benefit new EU members

The advantages of 'flexicurity' and corporate social responsibility (CSR) outweigh the costs of their implementation, as Employment, Social Affairs and Equal Opportunities Commissioner Vladimír Špidla explains in an interview with EURACTIV Czech Republic. However, he says that the concepts will take more time to become "traditional" policies in central European states.

Bad CSR report for UK supermarkets

UK NGO ActionAid accuses big supermarkets of exploiting female workers in developing countries. The EU should establish EU-wide legislation to curb the damaging effects of supermarket buying power, the report recommends.

Young entrepreneurs compete to promote responsible business

The 2007 Responsible Business Competition has been launched to encourage business leadership skills that take into account social and environmental responsibilities.
Euro & Finance 29-09-2005

EU steps up auditing rules of listed companies

Euro MPs have backed a proposal aimed at guaranteeing the independence of auditors against the management of major listed companies in a bid to prevent further Parmalat and Ahold scandals.

MEPs campaign to step up corporate responsibility

Socialist and Green MEPs have pointed to the failings of the purely voluntary approach to CSR currently applied in Europe to urge the Commission to impose binding rules.

Survey on CSR shows commitment but little money

A survey finds that since September 11, 2001 American CEOs think more about Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) but do not spend much more money for it.

High-level company representatives to discuss business case for CSR

On 2-4 October, CEOs and other corporate leaders will gather in New York to discuss the business case for corporate social responsibility.

Marks & Spencer closures fuel EU labour law debate

Commission steps up efforts to formulate stricter EU labour law placing greater responsibility on companies undergoing restructuring