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High stakes for the future of European sustainable corporate governance

Europe needs a Copernican Revolution in corporate behaviour in order to tackle both the climate crisis and social disparities, write Wojciech Baginski and Katie Hill. To do that, the EU should start with clarifying the fundamentals of corporate law, they argue.

Half a million people can’t be ignored – it is time for the EU to listen

Momentum is growing among policymakers, civil society and the public in the call to hold businesses accountable for their impacts on human rights and the environment through binding EU laws. Now eyes are on the European Commission to follow through with tangible and effective legislation, writes Jill McArdle.
Economy & Jobs 24-04-2019

Big business is ready to provide the leadership Europe needs

Big business has not done enough to address citizens’ concerns – which is why populism and protectionism are increasing risks. European companies are now ready to offer leadership on investment in skills, climate change, diversity and inclusion, writes Carl-Henric Svanberg.
Economy & Jobs 21-11-2017

Tackling youth unemployment and the skills gap

EU and business leaders are very keen to address the high levels of youth unemployment and the emerging skills gap across Europe by offering young people opportunities to play an active role in the European economy, writes Stefan Crets.
Economy & Jobs 02-11-2017

UN Treaty negotiations: A chance for the EU to champion human rights

Would people still stop for a red traffic light or respect the speed limit if everyone knew they would not be fined? The same applies to corporate accountability, writes Anne van Schaik.
Legalize gay

Irish vote on same-sex marriage: Why it is (also) the business of business

Many companies have jumped on the bandwagon of supporting marriage equality, but only a select few of them are consistent, plausible, and authentic in their efforts, write Florian Wettstein and Dorothea Baur.
Richard Howlett

Europe must continue to lead on corporate social responsibility

Although Europe has led the way in the corporate social responsibility debate, according to MEP Richard Howitt, but it must now reshape the whole structure of remuneration across markets, to incorporate social and environmental goals.

The EU’s social dimension: True progress or just empty promises?

The European Commission is slowly turning its attention to social aspects of the economic and monetary policies, a recent conference has shown. But EU rhetoric about boosting jobs and growth has made little reference to real social considerations, argues Heather Roy.
Technology 27-11-2013

Corporate transparency part of the solution

Information on companies’ performance and prospects is of key interest to investors, decision-makers, the citizen and consumer; so why are member states now blocking corporate social responsibility rules, Jérome Chaplier wonders.

Is the European social enterprise agenda losing steam?

Lobbyists and vested interests have tended to hijack the European Commission's expert group on Social Entrepreneurship, put together by DG Internal Market. But the EU Executive has already scored some points and still has cards left to play, writes Filippo Addarii. 

CSR: We are the good guys!

To do good and to talk about it – this simple phrase might be an effective description of the commitment of companies to the principles of sustainability and responsibility. But only few of them actually understand and implement Corporate Social Responsibility practices, says Antje Hoppe in Politik & Kommunikation.