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The ‘Lake monster’ that drank the water of a dam in Bulgaria

Where did the water from Bulgaria's Studena Dam disappear, creating a humanitarian crisis for more than 100,000 people in the city of Pernik? Following the first part of Valya Ahchieva's investigation, the Minister of environment and water Neno Dimov was arrested.
Politics 22-06-2017

Activist denounces Schengen visa fraud

Andrei Sumar, a civil rights activist from Belarus is frustrated that the European Parliament Committee on Petitions disregards the many complaints of Belarussian nationals, who cite corruption in the issuing of Schengen visas by EU embassies in Minsk.
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Development Policy 27-03-2015

Banda: EU support was key in fight against corruption in Malawi

At the Women In Parliaments Global Forum Summit in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, former Malawian President Joyce Hilda Banda spoke exclusively with EURACTIV's Rick Zednik about the support she received from EU officials in rebuilding her country's economy.
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Europe's East 16-12-2014

Abromavicius: Ukraine needs to reform its Achilles heel, Naftogaz

In an interview with EURACTIV's Georgi Gotev, Aivaras Abromavicius, the Ukrainian Economy Minister talked about the need for reform in Ukraine.
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EU Commission to Spain: We have zero tolerance for misuse of EU funds

The European Commission said on Tuesday that it has already asked Spain 'for money to be returned', as there have been allegations of a misuse of EU funds in the construction of the high speed train between Madrid and Barcelona.
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Corruption risks very high in EU institutions, report says

The European Commission said on Thursday that it is “one of the most open, transparent and scrutinised institutions in the whole world', as Transparency International recently published a report stating that there still are high risks of corruption within the EU institutions.
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Data protection 12-03-2014

MEPs back anti-money laundering rules

The European Parliament adopted yesterday on Tuesday an overhaul of EU anti-money laundering rules which includes the introduction of publicly accessible registers for companies and trust owners. MEPs debated on tougher rules to tackle money laundering, requiring companies to provide more accurate information about real owners. The new plan hopes to ensure more transparency and a better overview of financial transactions, making it harder to set up fake companies and transfer dirty money from one account to another.
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MEP candidate Dan Luca on corruption, renewal, influence, socialist hopes

Until this campaign Dan Luca interacted mainly with expats Romanians, but this time also in Romania, on national TV. Based on 20 years of EU experiences, as part of the ‘Erasmus generation, he stands for making Romania more influential. Watch the full interview: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H3dRFBLsXg4
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Commission: Corruption costs EU €120 billion yearly

The European Commission has called on member states to step up their fight against corruption. Calling the extent of the problem 'breathtaking', the EU executive said that corruption costs Europe around €120 billion each year, the equivalent of the bloc's yearly budget. The Commission's warning came on Monday as EU Home Affairs Commissioner Cecilia Malmström presented the first EU Anti-Corruption Report. It suggests that measures to tackle illegal practices across the EU are 'far from enough'.
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Enlargement 21-01-2014

Turkey’s Erdogan visits Brussels amid corruption scandal

Amid EU concerns over the state of democracy in Turkey, Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan pushed for Turkey's EU membership bid on Monday in his first visit to Brussels in 5 years. Erdogan's trip comes after top EU officials expressed their worries on the independence of the Turkish judiciary system and the lack of media freedom.
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Elections 16-07-2013

Spain’s Rajoy refuses to resign as graft scandal unfolds

After refusing for weeks to comment on allegations linking the Spanish government with illegal payments and secret financing, Spanish Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy broke his silence on Monday and rejected calls for his resignation by the opposition parties. Speaking at a news conference in Madrid with visiting Polish Prime Minister Donald Tusk, Rajoy said that he will 'fulfill his mandate to defend the political stability in the country'. 'A democratic state based on the rule of law does not accept blackmail'.