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Future Connectivity 07-04-2022

Court halts Starlink’s deployment in France

France's highest administrative court has stripped Starlink, SpaceX's satellite internet constellation, of its frequency authorisations, ruling they were granted without public consultation despite its potential "significant market impact". EURACTIV France reports.
Data protection 06-04-2022

EU court sends message on data connection rules to Ireland, and France

The EU Court of Justice has once again examined the issue of connection data, reminding Ireland and France of the stringent framework that must surround collection and use. EURACTIV France reports.
Climate change 01-07-2021

French Council of State gives government 9 months to get in line with climate objectives

France's top administrative court condemned the government's failure to comply with the Paris Agreement and fight global warming on Thursday (1 July), giving it nine months to get in line with the climate objectives it signed up to. EURACTIV France reports.
Data protection 16-04-2021

France to decide whether to allow widespread retention of connection data

France's Council of State, the country's highest legal entity, is meeting on Friday (16 April) to finally decide whether to allow the widespread retention of connection data despite the Court of Justice in Luxembourg having already ruled against the practice several times. EURACTIV France reports.
Agrifood 26-03-2021

French dairy farmers sour after milk origin labelling scrapped

A decision by France's top court to annul the obligation to label the origin of milk has provoked outrage in France. Dairy farmers and politicians are particularly sour about the move, calling it an "unacceptable step backwards." EURACTIV France reports.
Technology 16-03-2021

France gets green light to use Amazon-hosted Doctolib for jab bookings

The interim relief judge of the French Council of State ruled last Friday (12 March) that the health ministry's decision to integrate medical portal Doctolib, which uses Amazon’s hosting services, into its online booking system for COVID-19 vaccinations did not infringe privacy and personal data protection rights. EURACTIV France reports.