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Economy & Jobs 11-03-2022

Tackling illicit trade through stricter anti-money-laundering rules

As illicit trade is rising, governments and affected industries are looking to combat the trend. One possible way is to pursue money laundering crimes more strictly so that criminals have fewer options to use the proceeds from their activities.
Economy & Jobs 02-02-2022

Use of counterfeits should be socially unacceptable, says EUIPO chief

Deterrence and social pressure should play a more significant role in the fight against counterfeits given the economic damage they cause the EU, according to the executive director of the European intellectual property office (EUIPO).
Economy & Jobs 01-02-2022

Trade in counterfeits – Hunting high margins with low risks

Illicit trade in counterfeit goods remains a significant issue in EU trade and is most prevalent in product categories that show a large discrepancy between production costs and consumer prices. This can include watches, fake luxury handbags, and even fake COVID vaccines.
EU-Africa 26-06-2018

Counterfeit trade on the agenda of ACP negotiations

MEPs and MPs from ACP (Africa, Caribbean and Pacific) countries call for closer cooperation to tackle counterfeit products in their future cooperation agreement. EURACTIV.fr reports.
Economy & Jobs 07-06-2018

EU loses €60 billion annually to counterfeits

According to a study by the EU’s Intellectual Property Office, revenue losses generated by counterfeiting in Europe remain high. EURACTIV.fr reports.
ASEAN 05-04-2018

EU launches project against counterfeiting in Southeast Asia

The European Union has put forward a project to strengthen intellectual and industrial property rights in all ASEAN countries. EURACTIV’s partner Euroefe reports.
Agrifood 04-08-2017

Greece seizes more than 700kg of illegal pesticides from Turkey

Greek Ministry of Rural Development and Food announced on Friday (4 August) that the customs office seized more than 700 kilos of illegal pesticides originating from Turkey.
Agrifood 09-02-2017

Fake pesticides deal severe blow to EU economy, report says

Counterfeit pesticides take a significant toll on the EU's industry, tax revenues, and employment levels, a new report has found.
Trade & Society 13-12-2016

Industry group says smartphones could help slash growing trade in counterfeits

Smartphones could help slash the amount of counterfeit products that are sold in Europe, according to a new report.
Health 14-09-2016

Tobacco Directive should focus on traceability and security

The considerable problems posed by the illicit trade in tobacco products are widely recognised, yet agreeing on how to provide an effective solution is still the subject of deliberation and delays, writes Nicola Sudan.

Cigarettes top list of fraudulent items seized by customs

EU customs authorities confiscated an estimated €1 billion in counterfeit goods last year, the European Commission said on Monday (5 August), with China the main source of fake merchandise destined for EU retailers.