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Economy & Jobs 04-02-2022

The complex task of controlling containers for counterfeit

With only a fraction of EU-bound containers controlled for counterfeits, a large majority of counterfeited products is guaranteed to find their European buyers unperturbed.
Economy & Jobs 03-02-2022

Pandemic led to a surge of counterfeited goods sold online

As consumption patterns shifted online during the pandemic, e-commerce also became a key channel for trade in counterfeit products, posing a challenge to platforms and law enforcement.
Economy & Jobs 02-02-2022

Use of counterfeits should be socially unacceptable, says EUIPO chief

Deterrence and social pressure should play a more significant role in the fight against counterfeits given the economic damage they cause the EU, according to the executive director of the European intellectual property office (EUIPO).
Economy & Jobs 01-02-2022

Trade in counterfeits – Hunting high margins with low risks

Illicit trade in counterfeit goods remains a significant issue in EU trade and is most prevalent in product categories that show a large discrepancy between production costs and consumer prices. This can include watches, fake luxury handbags, and even fake COVID vaccines.
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Economy & Jobs 19-10-2021

Amazon’s blueprint for private and public sector partnership to stop counterfeiters

The EU member states recently returned counterfeiting as a priority (EMPACT). We fully support this reinstatement. National governments now need to translate this commitment locally and support law enforcement authorities so they can catch and prosecute counterfeiters.
Technology 06-07-2020

Counterfeit and illegal sellers to be targeted in Digital Services Act, Vestager says

A crackdown on the sale of counterfeit and illegal goods across online platforms is likely to feature in the European Commission's upcoming Digital Services Act plans, the EU's Vice-President for Digital Affairs, Margrethe Vestager has said.
Economy & Jobs 19-03-2019

Almost 7% of EU imports are counterfeit and pirate goods

According to a joint report by Europe's intellectual property office and the OECD released on Monday (18 March), 6.8% of EU imports are counterfeit and pirated goods. That accounts for €121 billion.
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Economy & Jobs 28-11-2018

Cigarette Smuggling Between France And Algeria No Longer Going Unnoticed

France has been the worst hit by illegal tobacco among the countries of the EU, and Algeria is one of its main suppliers. EURACTIV recently discussed the situation with the European Anti-Fraud Office (OLAF). It stated that France can seek...
Economy & Jobs 08-06-2018

Conservative MEP: Plain packaging will not tackle rising obesity

Most people gain weight because of the lifestyle and measures like plain packaging will not provide the solutions we need, conservative MEP Daniel Hannan said.
Agrifood 17-08-2017

Commission open to member states’ push to protect quality foods in China

The European Commission will not block member states’ attempts to sue China over its use of counterfeit trademarks and has insisted a future bilateral deal with the Asian superpower will bring “significant benefits” for Europe’s quality food producers.
Trade & Society 13-12-2016

Industry group says smartphones could help slash growing trade in counterfeits

Smartphones could help slash the amount of counterfeit products that are sold in Europe, according to a new report.
Technology 30-05-2016

Piracy eats up 5.2% of music sales in the EU

In 2014, the European music industry lost 5.2% of its total annual sales to piracy, according to the European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO).  EURACTIV Spain reports.
Health 03-04-2012

Tobacco rule changes will boost crime, industry warns

European Commission plans to clamp down on the tobacco industry, set to be published later this year, will boost criminal activity, according to an industry-funded report out today (3 April).