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Economy & Jobs 10-06-2020

EU governments lose €15bn a year due to counterfeiting, EUIPO says

Governments across the EU lose €15 billion each year due to counterfeiting, which is increasingly often linked with other serious crimes, according to a report by the European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO) published on Wednesday (10 June).
ASEAN 05-04-2018

EU launches project against counterfeiting in Southeast Asia

The European Union has put forward a project to strengthen intellectual and industrial property rights in all ASEAN countries. EURACTIV’s partner Euroefe reports.
Euro & Finance 18-02-2016

Austria targets constitutional protection of cash

Austria is seeking to protect itself against the possibility of cash being eliminated by incorporating it into its constitution. EURACTIV Germany reports.
Health 03-04-2012

Criminologist: Crime will flow from tobacco rules

A new report on the crime effects of smoking demonstrates that there would be an increase in counterfeit cigarettes, smuggling, and hard-line new rules could be counter-productive, argues Milan-based professor Ernesto Savona.

Anti-fraud commissioner tackles China on cigarette smuggling

Cigarette smuggling and fake designer goods will top the agenda when Europe's Anti-Fraud Commissioner Algirdas Šemeta meets Chinese officials in Shanghai this week. The commissioner told EURACTIV the EU has an "enormous problem" with illegal goods entering the European market from China.

Šemeta: EU and China must fight cigarette smuggling

Cigarette smuggling and fake designer goods will top the agenda when Europe's Anti-Fraud commissioner Algirdas Šemeta meets Chinese officials in Shanghai this week. The commissioner told EURACTIV the EU has an "enormous problem" with illegal goods entering the European market from China.
Trade & Society 23-07-2010

Pirate traders exploit Internet sales model

Internet sales of counterfeit and pirated goods to European consumers are frustrating attempts to stem illegal trade, a European Commission report said yesterday (22 July).
Health 21-05-2010

Online pharmacy caught faking logos

A Russia-based online pharmacy has been using the logo of a high-profile European pharmacists' lobby group to claim their products are endorsed by the Brussels-based organisation, EURACTIV has learned.
Health 28-04-2010

Parliament takes aim at illegal online pharmacies

A key European Parliament committee has backed new measures against the illegal sale of medicines over the Internet.
Health 15-04-2010

Swedish pharmacists tackle fake medicines

New technology designed to combat counterfeit drugs has been successfully trialled by pharmacists in Sweden, as a new EU directive on tackling fake medicines makes its way through the European Parliament.
Digital & Media 22-03-2010

EU defends itself from attack on ACTA

The European Commission attempted to dispel rumours today (22 March) regarding draconian new anti-counterfeiting laws being negotiated under the global Anti-Counterfeiting and Trade Agreement (ACTA) talks.
Trade & Society 20-05-2008

Rise in counterfeit seizures ‘threat’ to Europeans

Counterfeiting seizures at the EU's external borders have increased by 17%, with the largest share coming from China, causing an increasing threat to the health and safety of European citizens, the Commission says.
Trade & Society 24-10-2007

EU seeks global anti-counterfeiting pact

The Commission wants member states to give it a mandate to negotiate a new agreement with its major trading partners, aimed at raising the standard of global intellectual property rights (IPR) protection and tackling the rising and increasingly problematic trade in counterfeit goods, it announced on 23 October.
Trade & Society 13-06-2007

China warned over widening trade gap

Meeting with his Chinese counterpart, EU Trade Commissioner Peter Mandelson warned that China could face retaliation unless it removes "indefensible" trade barriers that are partly to blame for Europe's ballooning trade deficit with the Asian giant.
Trade & Society 26-04-2007

MEPs back criminal sanctions for counterfeiters

The Parliament has narrowly backed a historical but controversial Directive that would force member states to harmonise their penal codes - for the first time ever - in order to combat counterfeiting and piracy across Europe.
Trade & Society 10-11-2006

Reduction push on trade and investment barriers

Top EU and US officials have agreed to identify key areas where they can reduce regulatory barriers to trade and investment that businesses say cost euro-millions.
Brexit 09-11-2006

China pressed on piracy, tariffs and climate change

On a four-day trip to China, Trade Commissioner Mandelson urged the Asian giant to take responsibility for the huge impact it is having on world trade and the environment.
Health 26-10-2006

International convention to combat ‘pharmaceutical crime’?

A Council of Europe conference proposes the establishment of an international convention to combat counterfeit medicines.
Trade & Society 20-09-2006

EU, China co-operate on illegal trade

The Commission and China have adopted a series of tools to combat counterfeiting and the smuggling of illegal and unsafe products.
Health 08-09-2006

MEPs for tough action on counterfeit drugs

Parliament urges EU to develop appropriate means to combat illicit practices in the area of counterfeit medicines.
Sports 21-06-2006

EU and US join forces to tackle counterfeiting

The EU and US will today launch a joint action programme aimed at fighting global intellectual property piracy.
Sports 09-06-2006

World Cup 2006 kicks off wave of counterfeit products

As the world's most mediatised event takes off, the EU customs authorities face floods of fake World Cup merchandise. The Commission has warned consumers on health risks of counterfeit products. 
Euro & Finance 29-03-2006

Some 10 million fake euro coins in circulation today

According to fresh Commission figures, an estimated ten million fake euro coins are in circulation today and the counterfeit currency is becoming increasingly sophisticated.
Health 28-03-2006

Increasing number of counterfeit medicines sold via internet

The Commission has warned consumers about an illegal obesity drug currently sold on the internet which has not passed the safety evaluation process of the European Medicines Agency (EMEA).