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Global Europe 13-06-2022

WTO chief says ‘cautiously optimistic’ ahead of high-stakes meet

The World Trade Organization chief voiced cautious optimism Sunday (12 June) as global trade ministers gather to tackle food security threatened by Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, overfishing and equitable access to Covid vaccines. Speaking just hours before the opening of...
Coronavirus 24-05-2022

Scholz on tricky South Africa mission to discuss vaccine production

German Chancellor Olaf Scholz, currently on a trip to South Africa on Tuesday (24 May) will likely have a hard time discussing cooperation on vaccine production as South African leaders have been making strong calls for the release of vaccine patents. EURACTIV Germany reports.
EU-Africa 18-02-2022

EU sets out plan to support Africa for the next pandemic

The EU has made a coordinated push to help support African states to prepare their health systems for the next pandemic, but without appearing to give any ground on the main short–term demand of African leaders to allow them to produce COVID vaccines.
EU-Africa 15-02-2022

EU, Africa at odds over vaccine patents ahead of summit

The EU on Monday (14 February) stood by its refusal to lift patent protections on Covid vaccines, just days ahead of a summit with African Union countries who see the issue as a priority.
EU-Africa 10-02-2022

Africa is speaking with one voice, is the EU listening?

Europe thinks it is doing enough to secure a new ‘strategic partnership’ with Africa but its current approach to the pandemic could derail talks next week, write Emily Wigens, Friederike Röder and Eloise Todd.
Development Policy 07-02-2022

Talks collapse on classifying vaccine donations as development aid

Talks between wealthy nations on how to report donated COVID vaccines have collapsed after they failed to agree on a common rules regime.
Health 26-01-2022

Health Brief: The vaccines we waste

While Europeans are rushing to get their booster before nine months - or even less - have passed since their first jab, fewer than 10% of people in low-income countries have received at least one dose and the much-needed doses seem to be running out of date.
EU-Africa 07-12-2021

New EU travel bans defy science, says South Africa’s Ramaphosa

South African President Cyril Ramaphosa has launched another furious broadside against the EU’s handling of the COVID-19, accusing them of ‘vaccine apartheid’ and arguing that the new travel bans on travellers from some African countries defied scientific logic.
Coronavirus 29-10-2021

MEPs vs Commission in court over vaccine contracts

EU lawmakers from the Greens/EFA group have filed a case application to the European Court of Justice stating "implicit refusal" from the Commission to provide access to information in the context of vaccine contracts between the European Commission and vaccine manufacturers.
Coronavirus 21-10-2021

Vaccine waiver battle rumbles into EU–African Union summit

EU and African officials are still at loggerheads over whether to waive intellectual property protection for COVID vaccines ahead of a meeting between EU and African Union foreign ministers meet in Rwanda next week.
Health 23-09-2021

‘Mix and match’ approach to COVID-19 vaccines could help boost effectiveness

‘Mix and match’ or heterologous vaccination strategy split the scientists over the usage of different vaccines against covid. While some argue that this would boost the protection others say that more evidence is needed. 
Coronavirus 16-09-2021

Some vaccine platforms can be easier adapted to new COVID-19 variants

For now, vaccines are capable of dealing with SARS-CoV-2 virus variants circulating in the world. But as new variants potentially emerge vaccines might need to be adapted to fight the new strains.
Coronavirus 16-07-2021

Protein subunit and inactivated vaccines line up to join vaccination campaigns

The EU seems to be comfortable with betting on mRNA COVID vaccines for now. But just around the corner, vaccines developed under other platforms are lining up, with recombinant proteins and the whole virion-inactivated vaccines leading the way.
Coronavirus 09-07-2021

COVID cases to soar in children but schools should stay open – EU health agency

The benefits of children attending school outweigh the risk of contracting and spreading COVID-19, although cases in children are set to soar in the autumn, said a new report from the European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC), published on Thursday (8 July).
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Health 10-06-2021

G7 & EU Must Put Lives before Profits and ‘Vaccinate Our World’ Now!

After more than a year blanketed by the pandemic—communities, economies, and health systems in the European Union and beyond continue to be devastated. It is all too clear that the world is in desperate need of an immediate and novel...
Coronavirus 19-05-2021

Ex vaccine adviser: EU didn’t look hard enough at producers’ capacity

The EU should have paid more attention to some vaccine manufacturers and their effective capacity when signing the contracts, the former co-chair of the EU vaccine steering board said during an event on Tuesday (18 May).
Coronavirus 27-04-2021

Commission, industry dubious about IP rights waiver for COVID-19 vaccines

Both the European Commission and vaccine manufacturers are not convinced by the potential benefits of waiving the intellectual property (IP) rights of COVID-19 vaccines and treatments. 
Enlargement 20-04-2021

EU to provide vaccines for Western Balkan frontline healthcare workers

The EU will provide 651,000 COVID-19 jabs from its joint procurement for frontline healthcare workers in the six partner countries in the Western Balkans, the European Commission announced on Tuesday (20 April). The announcement comes after China and Russia distributed...
Coronavirus 14-04-2021

EU Commission banks on mRNA vaccines for curbing COVID pandemic

The European Commission has moved to secure 1.8 billion more doses of the BioNTech-Pfizer vaccine amid speculation that it will not renew contracts with pharma companies AstraZeneca and Johnson & Johnson.
Coronavirus 09-04-2021

France to allow mixing of COVID-19 vaccines despite lack of EMA guidance

People below 55 who received their first AstraZeneca dose of the COVID-19 vaccine will receive a different vaccine for their second, the French national health authority said Friday (9 April), despite the fact that there is no EMA guidance on the issue.