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Health 13-01-2022

Africa takes vaccination into its own hands

Africa can’t rely on wealthy nations for help in the face of empty promises, and vaccine hoarding writes Peter Burdin, former BBC Africa bureau editor.
Coronavirus 29-10-2021

MEPs vs Commission in court over vaccine contracts

EU lawmakers from the Greens/EFA group have filed a case application to the European Court of Justice stating "implicit refusal" from the Commission to provide access to information in the context of vaccine contracts between the European Commission and vaccine manufacturers.
Politics 09-09-2021

Von der Leyen set to defend COVID strategy in State of the EU speech

European Commission president, Ursula von der Leyen, is expected to tout the success of the institution’s vaccine strategy and the Covid certificate in her State of the EU speech on 15 September, in which Europe’s global status and role will have increased prominence following the US withdrawal from Afghanistan.
Coronavirus 17-03-2021

EU prepared to tighten COVID vaccine exports in veiled threat to UK

The EU said on Wednesday (17 March) it is prepared to tighten COVID vaccine exports to vaccine-producing countries or those with higher vaccination rates if they do not comply with its plea for "openness and reciprocity", in a move seen as a veiled threat to the UK, one of the key vaccine manufacturing countries.
Coronavirus 12-03-2021

New needs-based COVID vaccine distribution scheme needed, say Baltics

Three Baltic states have written to the European Commission asking for a new system of COVID-19 vaccine distributions based on need, which they say will improve the efficiency of the EU's vaccination programme.