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Coronavirus 17-05-2022

EU may terminate vaccine purchase agreement with French drugmaker Valneva

A manufacturer of one of the four COVID-19 vaccines currently under rolling review by the European Medicines Agency (EMA) received notice from the European Commission that the advance purchase agreement of over 24 million doses might be terminated.
Coronavirus 12-05-2022

Half of hospitalised COVID-19 patients in China still have symptoms after two years

A follow-up study found that two years after being hospitalised with COVID-19 in China, over half still have at least one symptom. 
Technology 05-05-2022

The mental health impacts of COVID-19 and the war in Ukraine/ The state of press freedom in Europe

In recognition of the upcoming EU mental health awareness week (9-13 May), this week in our Beyond the Byline podcast we are asking: How has our mental health been affected by the COVID-19 pandemic and the war in Ukraine? What...
Coronavirus 28-04-2022

How to avoid reverting to pandemic day one amid vaccination fatigue

Living with the COVID-19 pandemic for over two years, Europeans are falling into "pandemic and vaccination fatigue", but health organisations worldwide are concerned about how new variants could set the world back to day one, as low-income countries reached only 15% of vaccination coverage.
Coronavirus 22-04-2022

WHO ‘strongly’ recommends Paxlovid to fight non-severe COVID-19

The World Health Organisation (WHO) called Paxlovid, a Pfizer’s therapeutic, the best therapeutic choice for high-risk  COVID-19 patients to date but the “strong recommendation” raises concerns that it may be out of reach for low- and middle-income countries.
Coronavirus 01-04-2022

Eurobarometer: Majority of unvaccinated say nothing can convince them to get COVID jab

The majority of unvaccinated people in an EU-wide Eurobarometer report said nothing can convince them to get a COVID jab. Overall, the majority is in favour of vaccination and half of the respondents are satisfied with the EU's vaccination strategy. 
Coronavirus 31-03-2022

While EU countries scrap COVID restrictions, WHO calls for caution

Across the EU, member states are removing COVID-19 measures, including mandatory mask-wearing indoors. However, the World Health Organisation (WHO) has warned that countries should remain cautious, especially due to the transmissibility of the BA.2 omicron subvariant.
Health 24-03-2022

Choosing additional COVID shots for Ukrainians treated with Covishield or CoronaVac

To prevent the spread of COVID-19, countries receiving Ukrainian refugees are encouraged to ensure available vaccination. Of the six vaccines authorised in Ukraine, two are not authorised by the EU drugs agency, and the World Health Organisation says mix and match technology needs to be used in these cases. 
Coronavirus 24-03-2022

ECDC chief: We must brace for next winter amid less restrictions, deaths

Europe is easing restrictions, closing vaccination centres and seeing declining death rates, but COVID-19 cases are rising, and we must be ready for possible future variants, according to the EU's infectious disease agency director.
Coronavirus 18-03-2022

EMA says not enough evidence for a second COVID booster

There is not yet enough evidence to justify additional COVID-19 boosters, according to the European Medical Authority (EMA) Head of Vaccine Strategy Marco Cavaleri, while BioNTech Pfizer have already applied for authorisation for additional jabs in the US
Health 15-03-2022

COVID travel restrictions are eased for Ukrainians

For millions of Ukrainians fleeing from the war, EU countries are lifting COVID-19 travel restrictions. However, the ECDC and WHO Europe continue to highlight the importance of ensuring vaccination coverage among refugees in host countries. 
Coronavirus 15-03-2022

Severe COVID-19 may lead to depression or anxiety, study finds

A study found that serious COVID-19 illness is linked to an increase in the risk of long-term adverse mental health implications, such as depression and anxiety.
Coronavirus 14-03-2022

EU member states agree to extend COVID certificate by one year

The Council of 27 EU member states has agreed to extend the regulation establishing the EU Digital COVID Certificate by one year, until 30 June 2023, but the extension now needs to be negotiated with the European Parliament.
EU-Africa 16-02-2022

Let’s renew the EU-Africa partnership now!

The European Union - African Union Summit, which is taking place today, is an important milestone. European and African leaders must underline that we depend on each other. A prosperous African future is a prosperous European future, writes a coalition of MEPs.
Non-discrimination 15-02-2022

Anti-LGBTI rhetoric rising throughout Europe

Anti-LGBTI rhetoric is on the rise across Europe, according to a report published on Tuesday (15 February) by ILGA-Europe, an advocacy group. At the same time, numbers show public opinion has also shifted positively towards the community, most notably in Hungary.
Health 11-02-2022

Emerging evidence suggests COVID-19 was worsened by air pollution

As science reveals more and more links between air pollution and the effects of COVID-19, the pressure is mounting on the European Commission to set high ambitions in the upcoming revision of the EU's Air Quality Directive.
Politics 27-01-2022

Holocaust survivor decries ‘abuse’ of yellow star at COVID protests

Centenarian Holocaust survivor Margot Friedlaender urged the young generation on Thursday to always remember the Nazi genocide and denounced the use by some anti-COVID vaccination protesters of the yellow star Jews were forced to wear.
Coronavirus 26-01-2022

Italy eases border rules for EU arrivals

Italy will ease coronavirus restrictions for arrivals from the rest of the EU from February, with passengers required to show proof of vaccination, recent recovery or a negative test, but not quarantine.
Coronavirus 25-01-2022

EU countries update travel rules, scrapping additional COVID restrictions

Holders of a valid EU digital COVID certificate should not be subjected to additional restrictions such as quarantine when entering another member state, EU ministers agreed on Tuesday (25 January).
Coronavirus 23-01-2022

Europe could be headed for pandemic ‘endgame’: WHO

The Omicron variant has moved the COVID-19 pandemic into a new phase and could bring it to an end in Europe, the WHO Europe director said Sunday (23 January). “It’s plausible that the region is moving towards a kind of...
Coronavirus 19-01-2022

EMA encourages COVID-19 vaccine developers to target several variants

Marco Cavaleri, the head of vaccines strategy for the European Medicines Agency (EMA), has encouraged vaccine developers to “explore the feasibility” of making multivalent vaccines: those that cross-neutralise COVID-19 virus variants. 
Coronavirus 13-01-2022

Short shelf lives see poor nations decline millions of Covid jabs: UN

Lower-income countries refused to take around 100 million donated COVID-19 vaccine doses in December alone, chiefly due to their short shelf life, the United Nations said Thursday (13 January).
EU-Africa 11-01-2022

EU move to scrap African travel bans clears key obstacle ahead of February summit

The EU’s decision on Monday (10 January) to scrap travel bans on people from a group of African countries has removed a major diplomatic obstacle ahead of February’s EU–African Union summit where the two blocs are hoping to agree on a ‘strategic partnership’.
Economy & Jobs 11-01-2022

Pharma industry calls for stronger IP protection in free trade agreements

Amid global criticism for holding on to vaccine patents during the pandemic, a new study commissioned by the European pharmaceuticals industry claims that integrating stronger intellectual property protection into free trade agreements would benefit the EU economy.