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Euro & Finance 06-03-2013

Isolated Britain loses EU battle on bank bonus cap

Britain was left isolated in Europe on Tuesday (5 March) after it failed to secure backing to water down new EU rules limiting bankers' bonuses. A final decision is expected in March or April, with the new rules expected to be in place by 1 January next year.
Euro & Finance 28-02-2013

EU hails ‘breakthrough’ deal to cap bankers’ bonuses

Bankers in Europe face a cap on bonuses as early as next year, following agreement in Brussels early Thursday (28 February) to introduce what would be the world's strictest pay curbs, in a move politicians hope will address public anger at financial-sector greed.
Euro & Finance 08-01-2013

EU hails bank liquidity deal as ‘fundamental’ for economic recovery

The European Commission has hailed an agreement by global regulators in the Basel Committee, which gave banks four more years and greater flexibility to build up cash buffers so they can use some of their reserves to help struggling economies grow.
Brexit 03-05-2012

EU bank talks collapse as UK’s Osborne walks out in fury

Britain's George Osborne accused fellow EU finance ministers of trying to water down Europe's bank capital rules and said this would make him "look like an idiot", as talks about a law to stop another financial crisis unravelled in Brussels.
Euro & Finance 05-03-2012

Time to set right the Basel banking requirements

One of the factors that sparked the financial crisis in 2008 were the so-called Basel banking requirements, argues Stefano Micossi, and the EU should get its act together to heal these illnesses within the banking legislation.
Euro & Finance 07-09-2011

Bad Timing for CRD 4

The immediate implementation by the European Union of the Basel Committee's recommendations for international financial regulation would put significant strain on Europe's banks and aggravate the current climate of economic insecurity, argues Marie-France Baud of Confrontations Europe, a think-tank.

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