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Climate change 23-11-2015

Angel Gurria: ‘Climate challenge should be seen as an opportunity’

Years of inaction on climate change have significantly held back the world’s economic growth, according to the secretary general of the OECD. But fossil fuel subsidies are still commonplace, Angel Gurría told EURACTIV partner La Tribune.
Euro & Finance 30-10-2015

MEPs approve rules shining a light on ‘shadow banking’

Financial transactions using shares, or other assets, to secure credit, will come under greater scrutiny after the European Parliament approved a new law on Thursday (29 October) on the 'shadow banking' sector.

Mortgage consumer rules: Safe as houses?

A spat in the European parliament over how much protection should be afforded to consumers buying mortgages reflects ongoing tensions between the right to invest in property and the need to curb the type of easy credit at the origin of the 2008 financial crisis.
Brexit 23-04-2010

Growth returns, credit crunch lingers

Europe may be slowly emerging from the deepest recession in decades but businesses continue to struggle to access finance. EURACTIV's network asks whether the credit crunch is ending and what governments across the EU are doing to help.
Brexit 25-03-2010

UK budget to boost small business cash-flow

Small businesses welcomed yesterday's budget unveiled by UK Chancellor Alistair Darling, which lifts 345,000 firms in England out of the business rates system.
Brexit 26-02-2010

Default fears rise as EIB ramps up corporate lending

The European Investment Bank (EIB) has put around 1,000 large companies on its 'watch list' of loans at risk of going sour. A number of corporate borrowers have seen their credit ratings drop in recent months, putting millions of euro in jeopardy.
Brexit 16-02-2010

Euro instability adds to business credit woes

As the threat of sovereign debt default looms over Greece, the turmoil engulfing the euro zone is exacerbating the ongoing credit crunch for companies, according to BusinessEurope, a Brussels-based EU industry federation.

ECB sees no end to credit crunch

Businesses across Europe are facing an ongoing cash crisis, according to the European Central Bank (ECB). A new ECB study shows access to credit continues to slow the economic recovery but banks foresee easing of credit standards for homebuyers this year.
Brexit 11-12-2009

SMEs take centre stage in tough Irish budget

A new government agency will be established to ensure major Irish banks lend to small firms, in an effort to reboot business activity. The move comes as part of a tough budget, seen by observers as a step towards stabilising the Irish economy.

Accessing credit a daunting task for eco-innovators

Companies are finding it difficult to get loans for eco-innovation projects because banks lack the technological knowledge to approve them, according to European businesses.

Credit crunch almost over, says ECB

It should now be easier for enterprises, households and consumers to access funding, as fewer eurozone banks reported a tightening of credit standards in the third quarter of 2009, according to a bank lending survey carried out by the European Central Bank (ECB). However demand for loans by firms continued to decline, the survey found.
Competition 20-10-2009

Cartel money should fund SMEs, says union leader

Three billion euros' worth of EU cartel fines could fill a growing credit gap for small and medium-sized enterprises, according to a proposal made by Christopher Leitl, president of the Austrian SME union, to the European Commission.
Euro & Finance 13-10-2009

EU plans to review mortgage access rules

The European Commission is discussing harmonisation of national rules governing access to mortgages after the financial crisis exposed the excessive risks taken by credit institutions in the housing market. The downside of the possible measures, however, is that they widen the gap between the 'haves' and 'have nots'.
Central Europe 02-10-2009

EIB launches SME loans for Eastern neighbours

The European Investment Bank (EIB) launched a lending facility for SMEs in the EU's eastern neighbours, EIB President Philippe Maystadt announced on 30 September. Until now, the bank has only been able to provide such loans within the EU.
Brexit 30-09-2009

EIB ‘will not play the role’ of commercial banks

The European Investment Bank (EIB) may be dolling out billions of euros in loans to small businesses, but it has no intention of behaving like a commercial bank, Philippe de Fontaine Vive, EIB vice-president, told EURACTIV France in an interview.
Brexit 30-09-2009

SMEs need ‘strong commissioner’ for enterprise

Europe's new enterprise commissioner will need a "strong personality" to fight for small business, according to Christophe Leitl, honorary president of Eurochambres, who warned that SMEs should not be left behind when the financial crisis is over.
Brexit 22-09-2009

ECB: Credit misery drags on for small firms

A third of small or mid-sized eurozone firms have been finding it harder to get loans since the start of the year, a new report from the European Central Bank and European Commission showed on Monday.

Industry: Tackle credit crunch to prevent W-style recovery

Europe should temporarily relax capital requirements for banks to ease lending activities and prevent a new fall after the recovery, Rodrigo Peduzzi, a top official at Italian industrial federation Confindustria, told EURACTIV in an interview.

Industry: Easing credit to SMEs will prevent W-style recovery

Europe should temporarily relax capital requirements for banks to ease lending activities and prevent a new fall after the recovery, Rodrigo Peduzzi, a top official at Italian industrial federation Confindustria, told EURACTIV in an interview.

EU economy picks up despite lending squeeze

Trust in the European economy is growing steadily among firms and consumers, according to the European Commission. However, new data from the European Central Bank (ECB) show that loans to the private sector are growing more slowly.

ECB survey sees credit crunch easing

The European Central Bank's quarterly survey of bank lending, to be published tomorrow (29 July), will show that credit conditions are stabilising. But this assessment is at odds with complaints by businesses that bank credit is hard to get.
Brexit 22-07-2009

French SMEs struggling to access credit despite stimulus

Small French companies are struggling to get loans despite the billions of stimulus pumped into banks and many may fail this year for want of sums of less than €10,000, the leading small business union said on Tuesday (21 July).
Brexit 17-07-2009

Mixed picture for European firms as credit crisis drags on

Companies in some European countries are beginning to see chinks of light but many others have been forced to lay off workers, sell assets and cut investments. EURACTIV's network provides a snapshot of the situation across Europe.
Brexit 15-07-2009

Big business worries about SMEs’ credit squeeze

SMEs seeking loans to keep them afloat are facing stricter conditions than earlier this year, with banks favouring larger firms, Erik Sonntag, advisor for entrepreneurship and SMEs at BusinessEurope, told EURACTIV in an interview.