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Global Europe 30-05-2017

Ukraine, Russia and propaganda: Macron sets his red lines at Versailles

The presidents of France and Russia met at Versailles yesterday (29 May) in an attempt to inject some life into bilateral relations. An uncompromising Emmanuel Macron heavily criticised Russia’s propaganda outlets, Sputnik and Russia Today. EURACTIV France reports.
Europe's East 10-02-2017

EU shells out €600m in Ukraine aid

The EU will give Ukraine €600 million to bolster government finances, European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker said today (10 February), as Kiev faces an upsurge in fighting with pro-Russian rebels.
Global Europe 06-02-2017

Polish MP: With Trump, lifting Russia sanctions is ‘just a matter of time’

The rapprochement between the United States and Russia will result in a deterioration of Warsaw-Moscow relations and the lifting of western sanctions against Russia is only a “matter of time”, a Polish MP said in an interview. Euractiv.com reports from Poland.
Europe's East 11-08-2016

Russia says Ukraine attempted to ‘destabilise’ Crimea

Russian President Vladimir Putin on Wednesday (10 August) accused Ukraine of waging "terror" over alleged attempted incursions into annexed Crimea that Kiev has fiercely denied.
A French-made high-speed train
Global Europe 17-04-2014

Russian woos France with big business offers

Russia sought to woo the French business elite Wednesday (16 April) as the threat of tougher sanctions over the Ukraine crisis loom with a Franco-Russian association warning of job cuts in France as a result of restrictions.
Pro-Russia militia in Eastern Ukraine photo Reuters
Global Europe 17-04-2014

Eastern Ukraine casualties augur badly for Geneva meeting

Foreign ministers of the US, Russia, Ukraine and EU foreign policy chief Catherine Ashton will try to defuse the Ukraine crisis in Geneva today (17 April). But a violent clash in the city of Mariupol, in eastern Ukraine, with three people killed is likely to poison the atmosphere of the meeting.
Paramiltary in Eastern Ukraine with RPG-30, in use only in Russia
Global Europe 16-04-2014

Ukraine submits proof of Russian covert action

The Mission of Ukraine to the EU made available today (16 April) information supporting what appears to be obvious: that Russian special forces are behind the actions of the paramilitary taking control of several cities in eastern Ukraine, whose uniforms have no national insignia. EURACTIV publishes the information obtained, without edits.
Oleksander Turchinov
Europe's East 16-04-2014

Ukraine says it launched ‘anti-terrorist’ operation

Ukrainian forces launched a "special operation" yesterday (15 April) against separatist militias in the Russian-speaking east, authorities said, although aside from a landing by airborne troops, the action was limited.
Europe's East 15-04-2014

EU’s Crimea sanctions modelled on occupied Palestinian territories

The Commission is close to finalising proposals for economic and trade sanctions regarding Crimea, the Ukrainian peninsula occupied by Russia. A final decision by member states is expected soon, diplomats told EURACTIV.
Global Europe 14-04-2014

Neutral Finland debates NATO membership option

Finnish Prime Minister Jyrki Katainen said that his country, which is not a member of any military pact, should consider NATO membership along with Sweden, “when the time is right”. He added that there was no acute security risk for Finland due to the Ukraine crisis.
Pro-Russian armed men stand guard in Slaviansk, Reuters photo
Global Europe 14-04-2014

EU ministers meet as Russia warns of civil war in Ukraine

Russia said it was “the west's responsibility to prevent civil war in Ukraine," while NATO described the appearance in eastern Ukraine of troops with Russian weapons, and identical uniforms without insignia, as "a concerted campaign of violence by pro-Russian separatists, aiming to destabilise Ukraine as a sovereign state".
Lubomír Zaorálek
Global Europe 11-04-2014

Prague: If Russia crosses Ukraine’s border, it will face economic war

EXCLUSIVE / The EU will introduce economic sanctions if Russian troops enter Ukraine. Moscow must therefore reflect on the risks of an economic war, for which the Union is much better prepared, Czech Foreign Minister Lubomír Zaorálek told EURACTIV Czech Republic in an interview. 
Europe's East 11-04-2014

Russia wants seat in a ‘Troika’ to manage Ukraine

Russian Finance Minister Anton Siluanov told US Secretary Jack Lew yesterday (10 April) that Moscow was concerned about Ukraine's unpaid debt for supplies of natural gas, but was ready to work with international partners on financial aid for Kyiv.
Pro-Russian activists declare 'Donetsk Republic'
Global Europe 10-04-2014

Ukraine separatists call on Putin for help

Pro-Russian separatists reinforced barricades around the state security building in the eastern Ukrainian city of Luhansk yesterday (9 April) and called on President Vladimir Putin for help after the government warned it could use force to restore order.
Europe's East 09-04-2014

Merkel calls on Russia ‘to sit at the same table’ with Ukraine

German Chancellor Angela Merkel has today (9 April) addressed the Bundestag, regretting the lack of effort by Russia to de-escalate the situation surrounding Ukraine, and calling on Moscow to sit at the same table with Kyiv. EURACTIV Germany reports.
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Europe's East 09-04-2014

Barroso launches support group for Ukraine

European Commission President José Manuel Barroso announced on Wednesday the creation of a support group to technically assist Ukraine with financial and political reforms. The initiative comes on top of the €11 billion in financial aid offered to Ukraine on the 5th March after Kiev signed the EU Association Agreement.
Yuriy Prodan. Photo Georgi Gotev
Energy 09-04-2014

Ukrainian minister: ‘Gas can stop flowing at any moment’

EXCLUSIVE / The gas price hike from $268.50 per 1,000 cubic meters to $485.50 imposed by Moscow on Kyiv could cut gas supplies from Russia to the EU through Ukrainian territory, Yuriy Prodan, Ukraine's minister of energy and coal industry told EURACTIV in an exclusive interview.
Global Europe 09-04-2014

US warns Russia against covert action in Ukraine

US Secretary of State John Kerry accused Russian agents and special forces yesterday (8 April) of stirring separatist unrest in eastern Ukraine, saying Moscow could be trying to prepare for military action as it had in Crimea.
Pro-Russian activists declare 'Donetsk Republic'
Europe's East 07-04-2014

Eastern Ukraine turmoil seen as prelude to Russian invasion

Separatist action in eastern Ukraine where pro-Russia demonstrators have occupied public buildings shows a "second stage" of special operations by Russia is under way aimed at breaking up Ukraine, its interim president said today (7 April).
Europe's East 04-04-2014

West should ‘calm down’ and accept Crimea annexation, says Russia

US policymakers need to calm down, maybe do some yoga and accept that Crimea is now part of Russia, a senior Russian diplomat said yesterday (3 April) in unusually caustic remarks directed at Moscow's former Cold War-era adversary.
Global Europe 03-04-2014

Russia says suspended NATO ties boosts terrorists

Russia accused NATO of reverting to the "verbal jousting" of the Cold War on Wednesday (April 2), by suspending cooperation over its annexation of Crimea. A spokesman said that neither the West, nor Russia would “win”.
Global Europe 02-04-2014

NATO flexes its muscle in response to Crimea crisis

NATO suspended all practical cooperation with Russia yesterday (1 April) in protest at its annexation of Crimea, and ordered military planners to draft measures to strengthen its defences and reassure nervous Eastern European countries.
Global Europe 02-04-2014

Nationalists vow to topple Bulgarian cabinet over Russia

Bulgaria's nationalist Ataka (Attack) party will work to topple the government if Sofia backs a new round of Western sanctions against Russia over its annexation of Crimea, the party's leader said in an interview yesterday (1 April).
Štefan Füle. [The Council of the European Union]
Europe's East 01-04-2014

Štefan Füle: EU will consult with Russia over Ukraine’s association

The signing of the EU-Ukraine Association Agreement takes place in two stages, because of the need for the EU to continue consultations with Russia, Enlargement and European Neighbourhood Policy Commissioner Štefan Füle told EURACTIV Czech Republic in an exclusive interview.