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Data protection 10-11-2017

Commission wants to extend law for police data access to the US

The European Commission hopes to set an international standard with its upcoming proposal to give police easier access to data from tech companies, and has already asked the United States to cooperate.

Jailed Romanian media mogul to be released early – for writing eight books

Dan Voiculescu, a former politician and founder of Romania's Intact Media Group, sentenced to ten years in prison for money laundering, has had eight months of his sentence commuted, after he wrote a number of books. EURACTIV Romania reports.

EU moves to protect rights of victims

The European Commission will propose today (18 May) a package of measures aimed at boosting the protection of the 30 million citizens who every year fall victims of crime in the European Union.

Brussels pushes to enforce EU ‘Miranda Rights’

Police officers in all EU countries might be required to present a standard letter of rights to criminal suspects in their custody before they are interrogated, resembling the so-called 'Miranda Warning' used in the US, according to a European Commission paper obtained by EURACTIV.

MEPs back interpretation rights for suspected criminals

People in Europe facing criminal proceedings outside of their country of residence moved one step closer to receiving translation and interpretation in their own language yesterday (8 April), after MEPs gave their backing to draft EU legislation on the issue.