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Digital & Media 22-02-2021

Increased online criminality makes e-Evidence rules urgent: EU terrorism chief

The acceleration of online criminality, particularly during the coronavirus pandemic, has underlined the need to adopt new EU rules on the cross-border transmission of digital evidence, the bloc's counter-terrorism chief has told EURACTIV.
Digital & Media 23-01-2020

UN backing of controversial cybercrime treaty raises suspicions

Certain UN members may have been 'bought off' by proponents of a controversial UN resolution on cybercrime in exchange for support on the plans, an official from the Council of Europe who deals with cybersecurity has told EURACTIV.
Enlargement 22-06-2017

Mastercard poll: Serbians concerned about underground economy

The shadow economy limits the state's ability to provide public services, according to 2/3rds of Serbians surveyed. 8 out of 10 say it inhibits growth. For a country in which undocumented trade accounts for 30% of its GDP, the concern could not be clearer. EURACTIV.rs reports.

EU urged to reuse mafia assets to help needy

MEPs and civil society representatives will call on the European Commission to propose legislation allowing property confiscated from criminal organisations to be used for social purposes to help alleviate the worst effects of the current economic crisis. 
Security 28-02-2007

Crackdown launched to foil cross-border fraudsters

The European Commission has launched an EU-wide crackdown on cross-border scams such as phoney lotteries and bogus holiday clubs and on companies abusing consumer-protection rules.
Security 16-02-2007

Accord reached on police databases

Meeting on 15 February 2007, justice and home affairs ministers agreed on incorporating the main provisions of the 2005 Prüm Treaty, which provided for greater cross-border co-operation of police and judicial authorities, into the EU's legal framework.
Politics 07-02-2007

Survey: EU crime down but citizens’ concern up

The European Crime and Safety Survey (EU ICS), the most comprehensive analysis of crime, security and safety ever conducted in the EU, was presented in Brussels this week. While positive findings include a fall in overall crime, member state 'hotspots' still prevail.
Security 08-11-2006

EU-US crime ‘contact group’ launched

The European Union and US have launched a co-operation "contact group" concerning criminal justice, primarily in the fight against terrorism.
Security 30-08-2006

Commission moves to end discriminatory detention

EU citizens suspected of petty crimes in another Member State would be allowed to return to their home countries to avoid overcrowding prisons, according to a Commission proposal.  
Future EU 29-06-2006

Barroso wants Member States to give up vetoes on justice and security

The Commission wants to remove national vetoes on security and justice measures and to upgrade the EU Court of Justice's powers to decide on questions of asylum and immigration.

Barroso wants to boost EU justice and security policy

The Commission President proposes to use existing treaties to allow tighter cooperation in the fight against terrorism and organised crime.
Security 23-05-2005

Mutual recognition needs mutual trust, says Frattini

EU Justice Commissioner Franco Frattini has presented a plan to strengthen the mutual recognition of member state judicial decisions.
Security 12-04-2005

Frattini announces common EU rights for criminal suspects

Under a proposal outlined by EU Justice Commissioner Franco Frattini, suspects in criminal proceedings would be guaranteed common basic rights across the European Union.
Security 18-02-2005

Brief – EU steps up battle against drugs

The Commission has issued a communication setting out an EU strategy to combat the increasing problems caused by drug trafficking and drug use.

Knowledge society and crime prevention

Swedish Presidency is organising international seminar on prevention of international crime on 21 February 2001

OLAF uncovers huge butter fraud

The EU's new anti-fraud office OLAF has uncovered a huge scheme by the Italian mafia, to sell fake butter and scam subsidies from the EU budget.