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Development Policy 08-12-2015

Making an impact on migration

Migration and security concerns will continue to top the agenda of the December European Council until the root causes are addressed. The impact investment community can provide concrete solutions to this challenge, writes James Knight.

Asylum seeker reception: Dignified standards must be maintained across the EU

With unprecedented numbers of refugees arriving in Europe, we must do more to guarantee their safety and dignity, and help them to integrate into European society, writes Denis Haveaux. 

Europe of tomorrow will inherit the children of today

On Universal Children's Day, Jana Hainsworth argues that EU policy must keep children at its heart, from ending child poverty in the EU to dealing with the migrant crisis.  

Lithuania’s approach to refugees: History, compassion and solidarity

Lithuania aspires to live up to its own historical standards of tolerance and Christian compassion, as well as the modern European ideal of solidarity, writes Gediminas Kirkilas. 
Europe's East 24-09-2015

Are sanctions the best way to help Ukraine?

As the conflict in Ukraine escalates, relations between Russia and Europe continue to deteriorate. In order to help Ukraine to survive, the current situation needs to be understood within  context of Ukraine-Russia relations and Russian self-perception, writes Adriel Kasonta.
Global Europe 08-09-2015

Not in my backyard: The European refugee crisis

European Union member states are ‘burden-shifting’ rather than ‘burden-sharing’ when it comes to the management of the recent influx of refugees, argues Manon Tiessink.
Euro & Finance 05-08-2015

The European fairy-tale is over, but the story continues

If we are to believe the stock markets, all is well in Europe. But markets are in danger of underestimating looming perils such as populism, a Brexit, German dominance and weakening European power, writes Andy Langenkamp.
Euro & Finance 03-08-2015

A Greek Versailles?

Former Greek Finance Minister Yanis Varoufakis denounced the July bailout agreed between prime minister Alexis Tsipras and the eurozone leaders as a “new Versailles Treaty”. Quincy Cloet asks if this is a fair comparison. 
Euro & Finance 27-07-2015

Change EU treaty so countries can leave the eurozone

Altering the eurozone treaty to allow states to leave or be expelled will help guarantee the future stability of the EMU, argues Thomas Schuster.
Euro & Finance 24-07-2015

Europe must learn from the Greece negotiations

The European Union will not survive a rerun of the Greek crisis. It must learn some hard lessons in order to emerge stronger, argue Karl Aiginger and Kurt Bayer.
Euro & Finance 14-07-2015

The 12 July agreement puts Greece on a slippery slope towards right-wing extremism

The latest Greek bailout deal comes with harsh and humiliating conditions that will push anti-austerity voters into the arms of the extreme right Golden Dawn party, argues Pavlos Vasilopoulos. 
Digital & Media 14-07-2015

A European media champion?

We have European champions in the automobile industry, in aerospace, in pharmaceuticals, but not in media, writes Philip Geddes. 
Euro & Finance 07-07-2015

The ECB must fulfil its role as a ‘lender of last resort’ in Greece

Cutting the ECB's lifeline to Greek banks would push the country out of the eurozone and recklessly endanger the reputation of the ECB and the euro itself, argues Matthias Kroll.
Global Europe 03-07-2015

Why Europe needs a global strategy

The challenges facing Europe today have global implications and require global solutions. From the Greek crisis to migration and climate change, the EU must seek answers beyond its borders, argues the European Think Tanks Group.
Competition 07-05-2015

Seven questions and three recommendations about TTIP

TTIP is currently “too big to fly”. Pierre Defraigne offered his vision for the future of TTIP in a speech to the European Business summit.

Striving for triple-A on social issues

Jean-Claude Juncker’s European Commission has declared its intention to put social issues further up its agenda. Yet, the European Union and its member states need to focus on more than economic growth to foster social justice in Europe, argues Natália Mazotte.
Future EU 27-05-2013

The current crisis the price for not having a European federal union

The division of Europe between creditors and debtors should have never happened and in fact it would not have happened if the European interest, initially present in the draft of the Maastricht Treaty, had prevailed over the national interests, argues Joan Marc Simon.
Euro & Finance 20-03-2013

Cyprus and the crisis of confidence in the EU

The Cypriot crisis sends a message that the European Union is failing to protect the interests of its citizens, writes Stratfor.
Euro & Finance 04-01-2013

Europe in 2013: A year of decision

If the Europeans do not generate a solution to the financial crisis in 2013, it is time to seriously doubt whether a solution is possible and therefore to think about the future of Europe without the European Union or with a very weakened one, argues George Friedman.
Enlargement 21-12-2012

Bringing Turkey back to the EU debate

Shunned by the EU with membership talks effectively blocked, Turkey feels empowered. It is no longer on the European periphery, but at the centre of its own world, aruge Nathalie Tocci and Dimitar Bechev.
Euro & Finance 16-10-2012

A budget for the eurozone?

The attempt by the UK government to instrumentalise the need for further integration in the eurozone in an attempt to dismantle parts of the Union is highly unlikely to succeed, argue Fabian Zuleeg and Janis A. Emmanouilidis.
Euro & Finance 26-07-2012

Regional tensions within EU countries

The European crisis has exposed the financial fragility of the EU's regions and municipalities, which in turn is a reflection of these countries' economic vulnerability. The crisis has also laid bare the disparities between regions and threatens to destroy the solidarity that unites the different regions of a state, argues Stratfor.
Euro & Finance 29-06-2012

Proposal to finance European investment, growth and jobs

A key missing ingredient in solving the euro crisis is the urgent restoration of growth, which European citizens demand and several leaders are increasingly stressing. Yet, meaningful actions on a sufficient scale have not yet been taken, argue Stephany Griffith-Jones, Matthias Kollatz-Ahnen and Lars Andersen in a recent study.
Brexit 15-06-2012

Germany moves slowly towards a solution

Germany and Chancellor Angela Merkel have the opportunity to unify Europe for the third time in a century but, this time, through peaceful, democratic and "solidarisch" means, says David Gow.