About: Cristian Busoi

Climate change 12-11-2020

Busoi MEP: ‘A total ban on HFCs would not be realistic’

As long as greener alternatives to hydrofluorocarbon (HFC) refrigerants are not available at a competitive price, they should not be banned, says Cristian Bușoi.
Circular economy 29-01-2020

Busoi MEP: EU’s industrial strategy must be ‘in total accordance’ with Green Deal

Cristian Bușoi, the chair of the European Parliament’s industry and energy committee, says MEPs are eager for a far-reaching strategy from the European Commission.
Health 02-12-2011

Busoi MEP: Taking the pulse to save on healthcare costs

EU healthcare is under extreme financial pressure and important choices regarding the diseases on which we focus and the resources we allocate to their management need to be made, according to MEP Cristian Busoi. The Romanian liberal MEP has set up a new task force in the European Parliament this week to address the issue.