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Euro & Finance 10-01-2017

ECB to enable mobile payments using phone numbers by 2018

ECB plans to link mobile phone numbers to their owners' bank accounts will facilitate bank transfers and consolidate the eurozone payments market. EURACTIV's partner La Tribune reports.
Euro & Finance 18-11-2013

Brussels must scrap regulatory push on card-payment transactions

Europe would benefit from more, not less, dynamism, competition and innovation in payments if MEPs rejected the Commission's proposal for maximum interchange fee levels for transactions in the EU, writes Eric Grover.
Competition 01-12-2011

Brussels eyes cap on cross-border bank fees

The EU's internal market commissioner Michel Barnier wants more transparency on fees consumers pay when making payments abroad, in a move that could replicate the approach taken with mobile phone operators whose so-called "roaming" fees were capped.
Digital & Media 23-10-2009

Consumers turned off by e-shopping, EU report shows

Online cross-border shopping is still too burdensome for both consumers and traders, an EU report found yesterday (22 October).
Euro & Finance 19-05-2009

EU edges closer to mobile phone payments

An agreement between two major industry players has brought Europe a step closer to using mobile phone technology for direct payments.
Brexit 12-05-2009

Crossing borders: A tall order for SMEs

The internal European market offers companies access to a market of 500 million people, yet a strikingly low number of small and medium-sized enterprises are making best use of the opportunities available.
Euro & Finance 07-04-2009

Visa told to reduce transaction fees

The European Commission sent a formal statement to Visa on Friday (3 April), announcing its intention to bring an antitrust case against the credit card firm for over-charging its fees.
Euro & Finance 13-06-2008

MasterCard temporarily annuls cross-border fees

MasterCard is provisionally repealing the cross-border interchange fees it charges on all transactions made in Europe with credit or debit cards in a bid to comply with a Commission deadline of 21 June. But it will continue to look for a fee scheme that complies with EU rules.
Competition 03-04-2008

Visa ready to lower costs of cross-border card payments

Visa Europe said it was ready to negotiate lower fees on card payments made across EU borders in a move aimed at avoiding antitrust measures from the European Commission.
Euro & Finance 28-02-2008

EU to remove cost disparities in cross-border payments

By the end of 2008, direct automatic debit payments such as mortgage instalments should cost the same across the EU, regardless of whether they are carried out within a member state or involve a cross-border transaction inside the European Union.
Euro & Finance 25-04-2007

Payment Services Directive pushed through by Parliament

The European Parliament has adopted rules for a European-wide payment-services system, aiming to make cashless payments using devices such as mobile phones cheaper and easier and pave the way for a single EU payments area by 2010.
Security 28-02-2007

Crackdown launched to foil cross-border fraudsters

The European Commission has launched an EU-wide crackdown on cross-border scams such as phoney lotteries and bogus holiday clubs and on companies abusing consumer-protection rules.
Euro & Finance 17-01-2007

Visa defends credit-card fees ahead of EU decision

With a Commission decision on fees for credit-card operations expected by the end of the month, Visa Europe warned that the possible abolition of fees could lead to higher costs.
Euro & Finance 18-09-2006

Parliament propositions strike a balance says Gauzès

The vast majority of MEPs in the Economic and Monetary Committee (ECON) voted in favour of the amendments on the payment services directive proposal, by rapporteur Jean-Paul Gauzès. However, consumer association BEUC criticised the changes for being too much in favour of financial service providers.
Security 27-06-2006

Belgian authorities knew of US scouring EU financial data

The Belgian National Bank and the country's Finance Minister Didier Reynders knew of an agreement under which SWIFT, the company operating cross-border payments in the EU and elsewhere, forwarded data to the CIA.
Euro & Finance 02-12-2005

EU to simplify crossborder banking

The Commission has unveiled new proposals to sweep away the obstacles to making payments across borders.
Euro & Finance 01-07-2005

M-payments scheme falls apart

Making payments via mobile phones looks set to be fragmented along national lines following the collapse of the European federation Simpay.
Future EU 03-12-2003

Commission sets about removing barriers to cross-border payments

The Commission has launched a consultation on completing the 'Single Payment Area' by making cross-border payments cheaper, easier and more secure.
Health 27-06-2003

Cross-border euro transfers to get cheaper from 1 July

Effective 1 July 2003, the charges on cross-border bank transfers in euro among the EU Member States will equal those on domestic transfers.