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Transport 15-03-2021

EU reaches agreement on cross-border infrastructure funding

Following lengthy and at times contentious negotiations, the European Parliament and Council agreed Friday (11 March) on the Connecting Europe Facility, making available over €30 billion in funding for transport, digital, and energy projects.
Economy & Jobs 23-10-2020

Mediterranean Union boss: We are doomed to work together

Countries are “doomed to work together and find common solutions” as partners, particularly in the face of the growing climate emergency in the region, Nasser Kamel, secretary-general of the Union for the Mediterranean (UfM), told EURACTIV in an interview. Kamel...
Economy & Jobs 16-10-2020

Social and economic differences across EU less important for citizens – survey

An increasing number of Europeans living in border regions of the EU say social and economic differences are not problems affecting cooperation between their home and neighbouring country, a new survey shows.
Brexit 09-10-2020

EU identity cards will not be enough to enter UK from October 2021

EU nationals will not be able to travel to the UK using their identity cards from October 2021 under new measures announced by the UK government on Thursday (8 October).
Economy & Jobs 09-11-2018

Common Borders, Common Solutions: The Romanian-Bulgarian cross-border regional cooperation

The Romania-Bulgaria Cross-Border (RBCB) Cooperation Programme supports the development of eligible border areas, both in Romania and Bulgaria for over 14 years. These programmes aim to create a "bridge" between the two countries in order to support the border regions.
Economy & Jobs 30-06-2017

SMEs are harnessing the power of digital, but continue to face regulatory hurdles

Social networks present new opportunities for SMEs to grow. But some worry that privacy requirements are stifling that growth
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Europe should tear down digital walls to help SMEs prosper

European SMEs operating in cyberspace need better legislation to facilitate cross-border trade and the Digital Single Market is the best platform to address the issue, writes Alf Nagel.

Kallas: We’re ‘a very small bit closer’ to a digital single market

MEP Kaja Kallas told EURACTIV.com in an interview that Europe needs a law guaranteeing data flows across the bloc and shared her concerns about Digital Commissioner-designate Mariya Gabriel.
Trade & Society 29-04-2015

Germany, Poland clash on minimum wage

Germany and Poland are seeking closer economic cooperation and stronger ties on energy policy, an area that is especially sensitive for the two partners. But government consultations in Warsaw were more difficult regarding minimum wage issues. EURACTIV Germany reports.
Transport 27-03-2015

European Parliament divided over German minimum wage regulation

Should national minimum wage laws apply to truck drivers passing through a certain EU member state? Countries with lower wages are sceptical, and MEPs are uncertain. EURACTIV Germany reports.
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Technology 04-02-2014

Commission welcomes MEPs vote on cross border online music license

EU Internal Market commissioner Michel Barnier welcomed on Tuesday the MEPs proposal of issuing cross-border EU licenses for online music providers.

Simplified rules needed on European regulation on international successions

One succession in ten opened in the European Union has an international element that often triggers a 'conflict of law'. Adapting the European succession law systems needs further steps and more rapid implementation, writes François Tremosa.

EU, China to sign deal on curbing wildlife trafficking

The EU and China's State Forestry Administration are to sign an agreement today (18 July) to help combat the illegal trade of wildlife products, such as elephant and rhinoceros horns, the EU’s top environment official, Janez Poto?nik, has told EURACTIV.
Health 04-07-2013

Lawmakers vote to strengthen response to cross-border health threats

The Parliament on Wednesday (3 July) voted to strengthen legislation on the EU's alert and response system to pandemics. The text introduces an early-warning system, facilitates the joint purchase of vaccines and will make it possible to declare an EU-wide emergency in the event of a crisis.
Languages & Culture 17-04-2013

EU court condemns Belgian Flanders for language bias

The European Court of Justice has handed down a judgement against the Belgian Flemish community for infringing EU freedom of movement by only drafting workers’ contracts in Dutch.
Health 31-05-2012

Building a single e-commerce market

The regulatory framework in Europe is still a barrier for growth for e-commerce, says Marc Lolivier.

Parliament calls for boosting professionals’ mobility

The European Parliament approved yesterday (15 November) a resolution to accelerate the recognition of professional qualifications – such as those for engineers and medical workers – of European citizens working in a member state other than their own.
Transport 07-07-2011

MEPs take small step against cross-border driving offences

The European Parliament yesterday (6 July) took a first step towards putting an end to the impunity of drivers who commit traffic offences in another EU country. However, the first 'cross-border fines' are not expected to start hitting offenders' mailboxes for another two years.
Regional Policy 28-01-2011

Regions want to simplify cross-border partnerships

The Committee of the Regions (CoR) is calling on the European Commission to make it easier for regional and local authorities to establish cross-border partnerships with their neighbours in other EU member states.
Trade & Society 28-10-2010

Commission lists 50 ideas to reignite Single Market

In an effort to rekindle European faith in the social and economic power of the 27-nation bloc, the European Commission on Wednesday (27 October) laid down plans for a new Single Market Act, offering a list of 50 proposals that could be put into action in the next two years.
Health 27-10-2010

Parliament approves cross-border health care rules

The European Parliament's public health committee voted Wednesday (27 October) in favour of rules that could pave the way for Europeans to get medical treatment anywhere in the Union.