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Economy & Jobs 16-06-2017

SMEs are key to inclusive trade, say global experts

Trade has become a scapegoat for complex challenges and many countries, such as the US and the UK, have withdrawn into protectionism. Experts say SMEs should be the starting point for more inclusive global trade and more responsible supply chains.

EU’s ‘ethical business’ blueprint raises expectations

An EU blueprint to increase businesses accountability on environmental and social matters has raised expectations among NGOs that welcomed the "change of tone" in the European Commission's approach but remained cautious on the implementation.

Not only one approach to corporate responsibility, says MEP

The debate on voluntary versus mandatory reporting is dead and the EU proposal on Corporate Social Responsibility, to be unveiled today by the European Commission after years of deadlock, goes in the right direction, said MEP Richard Howitt in charge of the dossier for the European Parliament in an interview with EURACTIV.

Commission mulls harmonised rules on corporate reporting

The European Commission is considering imposing "standardised mandatory reporting" on how companies communicate about corporate social and environmental issues, in an effort to rebuild citizens' trust in business ethics.

Bad CSR report for UK supermarkets

UK NGO ActionAid accuses big supermarkets of exploiting female workers in developing countries. The EU should establish EU-wide legislation to curb the damaging effects of supermarket buying power, the report recommends.

Parliament criticises Commission on CSR

A Parliament report on the Commission's Communication on Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), adopted on 9 March 2007, is critical of the Commission's approach of letting companies decide how to incorporate social and environmental concerns into business practices.

PwC report: business needs to commit to sustainable development

A new PricewaterhouseCoopers' report says companies will be driven by sustainable development in the next ten years. It identifies six trends that will encourage businesses to be more socially and environmentally responsible in the future.

Open dispute between Commission and NGOs on CSR

The Commission has contradicted claims from NGOs that the latter shall be excluded from future talks on corporate social responsibility (CSR). Environmental groups insist on the truth of their claims.
EU Priorities 2020 21-03-2006

CSR initiative provokes NGO protests

A new proposal for an alliance on Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) about to be launched by the Commission has been received with anger by NGOs and trade unions, who fear they will be excluded from the body. The proposed alliance will bring together mainly the Commission and enterprise.
Health 15-02-2006

No EU regulation on sunlight

The 'sunlight directive', on the EU's agenda for 13 years, has finally been adopted. However, regulation to protect workers from over-exposure to natural light will be left to member states.
Public Affairs 13-12-2005

Political parties top corruption perception chart

Three quarters of citizens surveyed globally said they view political parties as being the most corrupt group in society, according to Transparency International's 2005 Global Corruption Barometer.
Health 07-09-2005

EU regulation on sunlight refused by Parliament

The Parliament has, to the relief of many SMEs, rejected the proposal for an EU regulation to protect workers from sunburn. The dossier has now moved to the Council.

Spidla to take lead in debate on future of European social model

In an exclusive interview with EURACTIV, Employment Commissioner Spidla defends the relaunched Lisbon strategy and says he is ready to take the lead in a debate on the social models of Europe.

SMEs showcase CSR practices

Some of the most innovative and inspiring examples of corporate social responsibility practice are to be found amongst SMEs. This was one outcome of a conference on corporate social responsibility.

Companies pledge to contribute to Lisbon goals through CSR

'Voluntary' should remain the name of the game in the approach of the EU and member state governments to corporate social responsibility, say business representatives at an event marking the ten-year anniversary of the CSR concept.
Public Affairs 27-01-2005

NGOs top public trust ratings, poll shows

Public trust in Europe and in the US is higher for NGOs than for politicians, business leaders and the media, shows Edelman's annual "Trust Barometer" survey. Food for thought for Davos meeting?

Forget the abstract – focus on the relevant, says research about CR practice

A recent study offers practical advice to managers about the successful integration of Corporate Responsibility (CR) into company-wide systems.

Business leaders predict a less safe world for next generation

Business leaders appear less concerned about future prosperity, finds a survey by the World Economic Forum. Respondents have given higher importance to quality of products and services and corporate reputation than to financial performance of companies.

CSR Stakeholder Forum to enter final phase after November 2003

At their high-level meeting on 15 July, CSR Stakeholder Forum participants decided to plan the last wave of round tables based on a draft synthesis report to be compiled by November 2003.

European Parliament adopts final position on CSR Communication

On 13 May, MEPs voted on the report of Philip Bushill-Matthews on the Commission's July 2002 Communication concerning Corporate Social Responsibility. In its resolution, the Parliament complains that "the Commission Communication was effectively written before the Parliament's response to the Green Paper had been absorbed" and reiterates its determination to remain part of the discussion process.

No clear “owner” of CSR within companies, says a recent study

A recent study conducted by the Pielle Consulting Group surveyed 200 companies about their CSR and corporate governance practices. The study will officially be launched at an upcoming international conference of the World Council for Corporate Governance.

EP Shadow Rapporteur advocates mandatory CSR reporting

The EP's Environment Committee is to discuss a draft opinion on the Commission's follow up Communication to the CSR Green Paper on 19 February.

EP Rapporteur wants CSR to focus more on business, less on social

On 21 January, the Social Affairs Committee briefly considered the Bushill-Matthews report, in which the MEP urges the Commission not to "submerge" the environmental and enterprise aspects of CSR by social considerations.

Corporate Responsibility: Is it worth it and for whom?

Business and NGO representatives gathered on 9 December to discuss whether Corporate Responsibility pays off and why businesses may decide to improve their social and environmental practices.