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Brexit 14-03-2017

SNP Brexit minister: There is no such thing as a UK ‘single market’

On the day Scottish First Minister Nicola Sturgeon announced a new referendum on independence, EURACTIV.com quizzed the SNP's Brexit minister in Brussels on whether Scotland could actually rejoin the EU and why pro-independence polls hadn't budged since the Brexit vote in June.
Trade & Society 21-03-2016

Brexit could raise online prices for UK shoppers

British consumers could be hit by a devalued Pound, and higher import taxes, if the UK leaves the EU, following the 23 June referendum, according to an international shopping website.
Euro & Finance 08-07-2015

Bitcoin rises as risk of Grexit unsettles markets

The risk of Grexit has caused the markets to plummet, but virtual currencies are cashing in. EURACTIV France reports
Regional Policy 26-06-2015

It’s time to recognise community currencies

Local authorities and municipalities across Europe are increasingly turning to innovative approaches to meet continuing socio-economic challenges, writes Leander Bindewald.
The City of London
Euro & Finance 03-12-2012

France takes aim at London’s dominance in euro trade

The City of London should no longer be the euro's main financial centre so the eurozone can "control" most financial business in the region, France's central bank governor said in an interview published on Monday (3 December).
Euro & Finance 24-07-2012

Merkel partners call for Greek euro exit

Angela Merkel's coalition partners are lining up to demand a Greek exit from the euro, mounting pressure on the German chancellor and fanning market fears that Greece could shortly leave the single currency bloc.
Euro & Finance 12-11-2010

G20 falters as EU acts to reassure markets on Ireland

The Group of 20 meeting yesterday (11 November) struggled to agree on meaningful action to rebuild the global economy as the EU tried to calm markets over a crisis that erupted in Ireland, whose bond yields hit record highs reminiscent of the Greek debt debacle.
Euro & Finance 10-11-2010

Deep tensions over global economy ahead of G20

An all-day G20 planning session grew so intense that officials had to leave the door open to keep the room from overheating, underscoring deep tensions over global economic rebalancing one day before the start of a summit on 11 November.
Trade & Society 25-11-2009

Local currencies making a comeback in global recession

With unemployment rising and retailers feeling the pinch, a handful of European towns have introduced their own currencies to help keep cash in the local economy.
Brexit 09-03-2009

Financial regulation: Is the Channel narrowing?

"The financial crisis is transforming some longstanding British assumptions" about the EU, according to Philip Whyte, a senior research fellow at the Centre for European Reform.
Euro & Finance 04-04-2008

Euro to replace dollar as world’s reserve currency

With the dollar seemingly in terminal decline, there is little stopping the euro from becoming the world's premier reserve currency, argues Wolfgang Münchau in a March commentary for EuroIntelligence.
Euro & Finance 05-03-2008

Euro’s record high troubles EU finance chiefs

Finance ministers from the 15 countries using the euro expressed, for the first time, their joint concern regarding their currency's surge to its highest level yet, hinting that the US should be doing more to halt the dollar's downward slide.
Trade & Society 28-11-2007

China pledges to collaborate with eurozone on currency swings

China and the 13 countries using the euro will "take comprehensive measures" to "avoid big swings in currency movements" and contribute to "an orderly adjustment of global imbalances", according to a statement issued by the Chinese central bank after a meeting with the EU's top finance officials.
Trade & Society 26-11-2007

Europe presses China for stronger yuan

During a state visit to Beijing, French President Nicolas Sarkozy urged China to let its currency rise more quickly against the euro – a message that EU officials are expected to echo in a visit this week (28 November), as the bloc's trade deficit with the booming Asian economy soars. 
Euro & Finance 22-10-2007

G7 implores China to allow stronger yuan

China should allow its currency to rise more quickly in order to help Europe and the US restore some of their industrial competitiveness and limit growing trade deficits, said finance ministers from the world's seven leading industrialised nations.
Euro & Finance 18-04-2007

Economic upswing sends euro and pound surging

Global investors are favouring European currencies as the long-laggard continent ascertains its strong economic growth and the US economy shows signs of a substantial slowdown. But this may not be good news for all.
Trade & Society 30-03-2007

Global financial imbalances: Time for action

In this paper for the Bruegel think-tank, Alan Ahearne (Bruegel), Bill Cline (PIIE), Kyung Tae Lee (KIEP), Yung Chul Park (KIEP), Jean Pisani-Ferry (Bruegel) and John Williamson (PIIE) assess how to avert a potential financial crisis via an orderly reduction in the large and unsustainable global current-account imbalances.
Euro & Finance 19-03-2007

Slovak koruna re-evaluated against the euro

Slovakia’s currency has been re-evaluated upward to reflect strong economic growth and increased foreign investment, in a move that brings the Central European state one step closer to adopting the euro.

‘Strong euro not a threat’

Eurozone finance ministers say that there is no need to act on the recent surge of their currency against the US dollar despite French fears that the current situation could dent economic growth.
Euro & Finance 20-06-2005

Trichet calls for more eurozone competitiveness

European Central Bank president Jean-Claude Trichet has stressed the importance of a more competitive economy in the eurozone, reminding member states of the part they have to play in keeping the euro stable.