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Brexit 04-02-2019

A revised Political Declaration could prevent hard Brexit

In time for Theresa May's visit to Brussels this week, Andrew Duff has written an improved version of the Political Declaration accompanying the Withdrawal Agreement, as a basis to prevent a hard Brexit.
Brexit 22-03-2018

Barnier-Davis deal puts off all key decisions as Brexiternity beckons

A Brexiternity beckons for the years ahead, well past the next general election, as political, economic and policy shapers will debate and disagree on what kind of Brexit the UK wants and needs, writes Denis MacShane.
Future EU 23-01-2018

EU 2018: A big year to be big on big things

With European Parliament elections, a new European Commission and Brexit scheduled, attention of some EU observers is already beginning to drift to 2019. However, focus should not shift too fast as the twelve months ahead promise major EU developments, which could mark 2018 down in the annals of EU history, insists Tom Parker.
Brexit 18-08-2017

The UK should realise that Ireland is an island

The fixation amongst Brexiteers to take back control of Britain's borders makes resolving the Irish border issue nearly impossible, writes Dick Roche.

Is the Irish border question really ‘intractable’?

In the coming days the UK government will release its “carefully formulated” working paper on the Irish border issue. Dick Roche gives timely advice.
Brexit 22-06-2017

EU socialists puzzled at Labour’s hostility to Europeans in UK

Jeremy Corbyn meets fellow centre-left leaders in the Party of European Socialists today to discuss Brexit, writes Denis MacShane.
Europe's East 14-04-2017

Turkey-EU relations deteriorate from gentleman’s agreement to sanctions rhetoric

The EU and Turkey should focus on working together, as they have both already proven that they are capable of doing so. The Customs Agreement and Visa Liberalisation frameworks are a good starting point, writes Ahmet Ceran.
Europe's East 11-04-2017

EU-Turkey relations need structural solution

EU-Turkey relations were boosted in the mid-1990s, when economic ties were upgraded and the 1995 Customs Union Agreement came into effect. Its benefits were widespread. It now needs reform to continue doing good, writes Samuel Doveri Vesterbye.
Brexit 06-04-2017

Understanding Trexit: What Brexit means for Turkey?

Brexit will throw up many challenges for the UK’s trade with Turkey. A long period without a trade deal would be harmful to all sides, writes Onur Bulbul.
Global Europe 18-11-2014

EU communication versus Russian propaganda

Russian propaganda is taking the EU off-guard. Some who still remember the Communist days say it is reaching heights unknown, since the end of the Cold War. Thirty years ago, this propaganda was on the defensive, while now Moscow is on the offensive, writes Georgi Gotev.
Europe's East 03-12-2013

Ukraine made its choice

The regime in Ukraine may be tempted to declare state of emergency and use force, but this scenario is highly undesirable as it may lead to the split of Ukraine and the loss of its statehood. Here the role of the Ukrainian opposition is extremely important, as it has received a carte blanche from the Ukrainian society, writes Vadym Omelchenko
Europe's East 21-11-2013

Ukraine before the Vilnius summit: time to summarize

No matter the result, the Vilnius summit of the Eastern partnership will be historical for Eastern Europe, Ukraine, the EU and even for Russia. The eve of the summit is a good occasion to summarise the last year of preparations made by Kyiv, writes Valeriy Kucheruk.
China 15-10-2013

Don’t forget China in the EU-Russia-Ukraine triangle

In the context of Ukraine’s political and economic options, Beijing can be the ideal supplemental partner for Kyiv, writes Borys Kushniruk. 
Europe's East 08-10-2013

Don’t listen to Russia’s horror stories about Ukraine

After the election of Viktor Yanukovich as president of Ukraine in 2010, Russia thought it had achieved control over the country and undermined its programmes by pro-European forces there. As a result, Moscow now completely misunderstands developments in Kyiv, writes Yuriy Kochevenko.
Europe's East 03-10-2013

Russia should gain from Ukraine’s EU association

After Ukraine and the EU sign the  Association Agreement and Free Trade Area, Russia will have to look for a new framework of relations not only with Ukraine, but also with the EU, writes Anton Podlutskyi.
Europe's East 23-09-2013

Russia’s response to Ukraine’s European choice: what is next?

Great hope remains that after the Vilnius Summit in November, Brussels will keep its word and will not leave Ukraine one on one with Russia, whose president, Vladimir Putin, will aspire for geopolitical revenge and a return of Kyiv to the Eurasian area at any price, writes Roman Rukomeda.
Europe's East 18-09-2013

Stronger together – a real opportunity for Ukraine

In the face of the antiquated gunboat diplomacy practiced by Russia vis-à-vis Ukraine, the EU representation in Kyiv has launched a communication programme called ‘Stronger together,' in line with the European aspirations of the Ukrainians, writes Martin Nunn. 
Enlargement 21-11-2011

Europe and Ukraine: Deal or no deal?

If no progress is made at the upcoming EU-Ukraine summit on a trade and association agreement, the country risks failing to democratise and falling into Russia's orbit, argues Vladimir Mishchenko.
Global Europe 09-04-2010

Russia: Customs Union instead of WTO?

Russia, Kazakhstan and Belarus may be on the brink of creating a supranational body modelled on European integration, but this could be a difficult task given the problems that their customs union has faced so far, writes George Bovt, a journalist and political observer, in a March publication for the EU-Russia Centre.
Enlargement 02-10-2002

Accession preparation: the case of Latvian customs

Accession preparation: the case of Latvian customs Decision to join the European Union substantially affects the work of customs, since the functioning of customs in accordance with the standards set by the EU is one of the preconditions for the...