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Brexit 03-09-2019

French customs struggles to cope with no-deal Brexit planning

On 26 August, the French Council of Ministers sacked Rodolphe Gintz after two years as customs chief. Meanwhile, the French customs office is facing up to the difficulties of preparing for a ‘no-deal’ Brexit, EURACTIV France reports.
Brexit 03-04-2019

Moscovici on no-deal Brexit: ‘We are as ready as we can be’

As the deadlock over the UK's exit from the EU continues, the bloc has stepped up its preparation for a no-deal Brexit, in particular in the customs area, as border checks will become necessary "overnight" if the UK crashes out without a deal.
Economy & Jobs 29-03-2019

Belgium puts figures on expected losses from hard Brexit

Belgium's economy would contract nearly 1 percent and Belgians would become poorer if Britain crashes out of the European Union in a chaotic way, a central bank official said on Thursday (28 March).
Brexit 26-03-2019

No deal Brexit ‘increasingly likely’, EU warns

The European Commission has continued efforts to prepare for a disorderly divorce between the EU and the UK, as the risk of a no-deal departure is becoming “increasingly likely”, EU officials said on Monday (25 March).
Brexit 27-02-2019

Flurry of agreements to cushion blow of no-deal Brexit

As Britain tries to steer away from a dreaded "no-deal" divorce with the EU, a flurry of agreements are being hammered out to cushion the most painful blows.

German bill to tackle undeclared work and child benefit fraud

German finance minister Olaf Scholz has presented a bill for German customs to be given more employees and powers. EURACTIV Germany’s media partner Der Tagesspiegel reports.
Brexit 05-02-2019

UK to ease customs checks on EU goods in event of no-deal Brexit

Most goods arriving from the European Union will be allowed into Britain without full customs checks for at least three months if it leaves the bloc without an exit deal, the British government said on Monday (5 February).
Brexit 05-11-2018

Brexit: Eurotunnel preparing for increased checks in Calais

Every minute counts when it comes to maintaining a fluid flow of traffic at the entrance to the tunnel under the English Channel. In order to prepare for the return of new checks, post-Brexit, the Eurotunnel site in Calais is mounting a race against the clock. EURACTIV France’s media partner, Ouest-France reports.

EU warns UK-centered China import scam may shift to Europe’s ‘Silk Road’

European Union anti-fraud investigators suspect Greece and Hungary may have become the main EU centers of a multi-million-euro scam involving imports of Chinese clothing and footwear that uses the infrastructure of China’s new “Silk Road”.
Brexit 01-12-2017

Customs officers: Huge increase in capacity needed to prepare for Brexit

London: £300 million will be needed to finance 5,000 extra customs officials to deal with post-Brexit border controls, the UKs top customs official has warned.
Brexit 10-10-2017

Britain sketches out customs powers if Brexit deal fails

Britain on Monday (9 October) outlined proposals for new laws to set tariffs and quotas including if Britain leaves the European Union with no agreement in place, as it prepares for a post-Brexit customs system.
Brexit 17-05-2017

Ireland anticipates 10-fold rise in customs declarations post-Brexit

Ireland anticipates a 10-fold increase in the number of customs declarations made by local companies after Brexit, a senior official at the government agency responsible for customs checks said on Tuesday (16 May).
Health 29-09-2016

Fake drugs cost EU billions of euros, its health and its jobs

Counterfeit drugs are not only hazardous to health, they cost people their jobs too, a new EU study has revealed. But Germans in particular are willing to take risks. EURACTIV's partner Der Tagesspiegel reports.
Trade & Society 22-08-2014

Commission moves to tighten customs security

A new strategy to plug gaps in the EU’s customs security safeguards was adopted by the European Commission yesterday (21 August).  

Cigarettes top list of fraudulent items seized by customs

EU customs authorities confiscated an estimated €1 billion in counterfeit goods last year, the European Commission said on Monday (5 August), with China the main source of fake merchandise destined for EU retailers.
Economy & Jobs 26-07-2013

EU asks Russia to reconsider truck control measure

Taxation and Customs Commissioner Algirdas Šemeta has sent a letter to the Russian Customs chief asking Moscow to reconsider a measure to introduce additional controls on road cargo, a possible breach of international agreements.

Šemeta: EU and China must fight cigarette smuggling

Cigarette smuggling and fake designer goods will top the agenda when Europe's Anti-Fraud commissioner Algirdas Šemeta meets Chinese officials in Shanghai this week. The commissioner told EURACTIV the EU has an "enormous problem" with illegal goods entering the European market from China.
Trade & Society 27-10-2009

Criminals cashing in on fake swine flu medicines

European medicine authorities are growing increasingly alarmed by the number of bogus swine flu remedies being sold over the Internet. The news comes as MEPs gear up to debate new rules covering counterfeit medicines.
Trade & Society 20-02-2008

MEPs back plans to boost intra-EU trade

Trade within the EU received a fresh boost in Parliament this week (18-22 February) with the approval of simplified customs procedures and new rules aimed at reinforcing the "mutual recognition" of national quality standards on goods marketed within the EU.

Electronic customs deal to boost EU traders’ competitiveness

The European Parliament has paved the way for the introduction of less costly, "paper-free" customs procedures between EU countries, after approving a Commission proposal to ensure that member states' electronic customs systems are compatible with each other.
Trade & Society 26-06-2007

EU ministers agree to modernised Customs Code

European competitiveness ministers have reached agreement on a new set of rules for exporting within the EU that should cut the red tape currently holding business back from cross-bloc trading.
Trade & Society 20-09-2006

EU, China co-operate on illegal trade

The Commission and China have adopted a series of tools to combat counterfeiting and the smuggling of illegal and unsafe products.
Security 12-10-2005

Commission to combat piracy

The Commission has come up with proposals to combat the increasing number of fake foodstuffs, medicines and household items flooding the EU market.
Trade & Society 27-06-2005

EU signs new customs security pact

Almost four years after 9/11, the World Customs Organisation, which has 165 countries covering 99% of global trade in goods, has agreed a new framework of security standards for container traffic.